Advice for a New President

"I'll be the guy out there talking about hope and opportunity and challenge."

-George H.W. Bush, May 4, 1988.

By draping his rhetoric in hope and opportunity and charm, Barack Obama persuaded the majority of Americans - including me - that he is the vehicle for change in America. Thus he was elected... and then - this morning - he was sworn into office. And unless he plans on joining the ranks of Coolidge, Truman, and Johnson (not likely), today begins the long, tacit race for his re-election in 2012.

The campaign trail that granted his first election was littered with compelling promises, including health care reform, curbing our environmental influence, moving toward renewable energy, ending the Iraq war, restoring our moral standing in the world, reversing the economic plight, improving the basic infrastructure of domestic issues such as education, and more. A lot more. Heaps.

My point is this: the scale of Obama's vision is vast, and once in office all his untested promises to achieve that vision will be put on trial. Consequently, in support of his 2012 reelection, my advice is this: deliver on your promises.

I realize it will be a challenge, as he ran for president, not dictator, and thus many of the promises he made lie outside the capacity of his office. But with an audacious dash of hope, each fulfilled promise will be another stitch to the tapestry of his tenure. And each of these stitches will ultimately be of paramount importance because next election, when policies supersede personality, a patchy tapestry would liken him to a hyper-pigmented shade of "read my lips."