Red State Blue State

The 2004 Presidential election results were hilarious. Not because thousands upon thousands of human lives were lost as a result of Bush's reelection. That's not very funny. Not yet anyway. It probably will be in 150 years like the civil war is. But we're not to that point yet. We all know the people who are dying. There's nothing really funny about that. What is funny is the map of the red and blue states. And I find it absolutely hysterical.

What were the two primary issues of the 2004 election? Money and war. That's it. Those were the two big-ticket items. Let's make a chromatic comparison of those two issues:

Money. The rich states are blue. They're filled with the upper bracket salaries from California's Hollywood crowd, the upper west coast comp techies, the NYC Wall Street crew, the DC political activist people and so on. The poor states are red. The poor, red states supported the tax breaks that predominantly went to the blue accounts. The blue states voted to give the red states more welfare, but enough reds turned up at the polls to counter blue's efforts. I don't think the reds meant for this to be the outcome, but that's what happened. And it's hilarious that it did.

War. Only the blue states have been attacked. Only the red states support the war. Again, the comedic value in this is really unsurpassed. The blue states get attacked by the Taliban, the red states wage war on Iraq. The red states weren't attacked at all, let alone by Iraq. And they're the only ones who supported the war. It's confusing to every non-red-state human being.