Gas Prices and Social Security Privatization

These are some hefty topics among social and political debate. Not necessarily the most heftily debated, but possibly the most important. And they're related via the Saudi family. If these issues are not solved, they will end the United States. Continue reading:

The Muslim extremists who attacked us are supported and funded by the Saudis. Obviously the ruling Saudis responsible for this don't like us. If they did like us, they would have stopped funding United States terrorism when we asked them to. We ask over and over again. They refuse every time. We are not liked by them. I feel this is obvious.

And when we're attacked by them, we don't attack back. We attack Iraq instead, who were actually attacking the Saudi enemies that were attacking us. Why? Our state of wealth and well being is dependent on Saudi relations. The last thing we want to do is piss them off. How have we become crucially dependent on Saudi Arabia? Gas prices. Big ticket item numero uno.

Realize however, that us being nice to them and not attacking back is not because they'll raise the price of oil on us. This doesn't matter. We could go elsewhere for oil so we can continue to drive our ridiculous SUVs. What matters is that, if we go elsewhere, or if we attack them, they have the power to destroy our economy- and probably would. And this power they have over us comes from our SUV use.

We'll get into the details of this soon, and then explain why it's so important, and how it impacts your gas use and social security privatization. I know it seems like a lengthy connection- but read along.

The origin of political power in the Saudi family began in central Arabia in about 1750. By the 1900s they were using their power to seize the land around them. In 1932, the Saudi family had taken over enough land to unify it all as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Then in 1938, they discovered oil. They thought it was a gift from Muhammad, further securing their religious influence in politics. Today, it is a monarchy governed without election by the sons and grandsons of King Abd Al Aziz Al Saud with the Qur'an as their constitution. No elections, guided on pure religion.

This does not make them bad people? No. On the contrary, most of them are decent enough. But all of them are religiously governed. And those who are religiously governing them, don't like us. Furthermore, they are wealthily religiously governed. They control about a quarter of the world's oil supply, and 90% of their export revenue is derived from that. Guess who uses tons of oil? The United States. Guess who's making the Saudi family unspeakably rich as a result? The United States. We have used so much of their oil that they've generated enough money to purchase about a trillion dollars of our stock market. Thus, they own a huge, huge chunk of corporate America.

Guess which party pushes for political power moving into the hands of corporate America? Guess which party fights against the vast development of corporate America? Guess which party encourages legislation to rule in favor of the consumption of gasoline and fossil fuels? Guess which party realizes this fossil fuel reliance gives our economy to the middle east who can easily use it against us? The democrats are addressing this situation like adults. The republicans have only considered immediate gratification with no concern for the repercussions.

And this would actually be okay if the ruling Saudi family liked us. But they don't. They pay for people to attack us. And it doesn't help relations when conservative America keeps defacing the Qur'an. And when the democrats address this issue, republicans say "Democrats hate every religion but Islam." I put that in quotes because it is an exceedingly popular sentence in right-wing media, spoken and printed over and over again.

So what have we learned so far? The Republican party is responsible for giving Saudi Arabia their power (through legislation regarding fossil fuel use). The Republican party increases this power on political grounds (through legislation further empowering corporate America). Then, once these people have power, the Republican party pisses them off (through defacing their holy book).

So Saudi Arabia gives money to terrorists to attack the United States, and what can we do about it? Nothing. They have power over us, and we don't want to offset relations any more than we already have- because if we do, they'll use that power. So what do we do when they fund terrorist attacks? We attack Iraq. Iraq, who was attacking Saudi Arabia. We terrorize them. Why? I don't know. We felt we needed to do something and we certainly can't attack Saudi Arabia. We need to maintain what little relation we still have with them. Why? Because we're morons. We're morons who desperately need to drive Hummers, Ford F350s, Dodge Durangos, and so on.

And after the Republican party has empowered Saudi Arabia to the tone of one trillion dollars of corporate America, and disgraced their religion for no reason other than to piss them off, the next step is pushing for privatization of social security. This is an interesting motivation. Let's look at what this would do. Who are some of the largest republican supporters? The brokers handling their money- profiting in return for support. Think about this real hard: if we were to dump a hundred billion dollars into the stock market over the course of a few days, what do you think would happen to the bank accounts of these brokers? They would make millions and millions and millions of dollars in a matter of days.

The push for privatization is not to support the little guy who has the potential to make an extra $20 every month in retirement. It's to hook up those that made them rich and helped get them their power. You'd have to be a colossal moron to believe otherwise. Do you think Dick Cheney cares about your stock portfolio upon retirement? No, of course not. Do you care about his stocks when he retires? No. Neither of you care about each others retirement. The only motivation for the republican party in privatizing social security is to hook up some of their biggest supporters- and they'll be helped out in return.

That said, we know that the motivation for privatization is not for you. This, however, doesn't mean that privatization is not still in your best interest. So now I will explain why privatization is not in your best interest: the stock market has not been around for very long. "The roaring 20s?" You've heard this before? That's essentially the origin of the modern stock market, meaning it's less than 100 years old. I've known human beings older than that. And because it hasn't been around for very long, we have no idea what to expect for its future. It's already had crashes, so we get phrases like "don't put all your eggs in one basket." The entirety of the stock market is a single egg. If you've got your retirement in it, it doesn't matter how varied your investments are, if it crashes, you're done. You'll die shortly after you eat the food in your cupboards. You and everyone you know.

So the possible success exists. There's a chance you might have 10 or 20 percent more funds available upon your retirement. But the alternative is you die. It's definitely a gamble.

And guess what? All it takes for an epic stock market crash is the Saudis deciding they want it to happen. If they sold off their trillion dollars one day, we'd have history's greatest market crash. And if social security was dependent on the well being of the stock market, you and everyone you know would die of starvation.

Scary huh? I wish people would have realized it was scary while they were voting. If they had, we might have had a president who didn't continue to had the Saudi family millions and millions more shares of corporate America via legislation encouraging oil use, countering Clinton's legislations that limited oil use, and so on. Not only are we handing our entire future over to people who hate us, but we're solidifying our death by linking our lives to the exact mechanism of destruction they can use. And it's absolutely unbelievable that people support it. We're really this dumb. I didn't want to believe it, but as a nation, I've realized it's totally true.

Here's what needs to happen to ensure your survival: an immediate switch of presidency. We cannot have a president who goes on walks holding the hand of the specific Saudi leaders who are buying our nation and funding those who terrorize it. We need a president who will address the crisis. Furthermore, don't privatize social security for your own peace of mind. And for the love of everything holy, stop driving. With few exceptions, if you don't get at least 20 miles per gallon and/or you drive distances of less than a mile, you should be damned to hell for all eternity. You're killing us all. Just purchase a bicycle you fucking demon.