Sacrificing Students for Felons

According to every valid statistical measurement ever assessed, if school funding is increased, crime falls linearly. More and more funding is statistically equivalent to less and less crime. Likewise, the opposite has been shown to be true, in that lowering school funding parallels higher crime rates and associated prison occupancy.

So far everything is obvious enough. Where it becomes curious is this: private prisons are among the largest financial supporters of the Republican party. As soon as campaign season hits, prison owners step forward as primary frontrunners in funding the election of the Republican candidate. Financial records are fairly outrageous and aren't that hard to find. Given this information, what do you their motivation is? Really think about it.

All major businesses operate on pragmatic financial incentive. They will not spend money unless they receive something worth its cost. Being one of the largest contributors to Republican campaigning is by no means a small cost. Rather, it's a huge, huge investment. In order to have the motivation to continue paying this cost, there must be a worthwhile return on the investment. That's the rule of pragmatic financial incentive.

And luckily, history and raw data have shown us what this return is, and so there's no need for ambiguity. After several years of this Republican administration, we, as a nation, have achieved record cuts from the public school system. And as predicted by all statistical measures, we've achieved wildly high prison occupancy in those same privately owned prisons funding the election. This is not in any way fabricated or exaggerated. The highest level of school cuts to date matched right up with achieving per capita higher inmate numbers than any other country in the world. Wow.

Let me put it into perspective: right now while I'm writing this, we're at record cuts in school funding and the number of current inmates is increasing by over a thousand people per week. Furthermore, inmate numbers are REALLY growing in republican states (especially those of the old confederacy). Weird. Coincidence? I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say it is. I'm just kidding. Of course it's not.

And here's the irony in the issue: this is going on behind the scenes during the acclaimed "War on Terror." Think it through: the Republican party is actively cutting school funding (education = hope) so that violent and illegal action (terror) can go into effect in order to fill up the prison cells. It's as ironic as it is trups. Trups isn't a word. But I didn't want to write "disgusting" and imply that it wasn't wholeheartedly unjust as well. Not to mention completely devastating to America.

They're actively instilling terror into literally your neighborhoods and communities. Forget about the war overseas and actually consider your own safety. It's scary. Both students and prisoners have a financial value. Education pays off in the long run through taxation on higher paid jobs, whereas increasing inmate counts pays immediately. The Republican party obviously made the choice to side with inmates. Education's overrated anyway.