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Rivkin, Golder Surnames from Selected Duma Voter Lists of Vitebsk Gubernia

Uezd Congress-Voter # Surname First name(s) Patronymic Voter qualification Place of residence
Drissa C2-411 Rivkin Yuda Yudelevich property [ownership] Drissa
Dvinsk C2-3492 Rivkin Aron Tsakel lodging [tax] Dvinsk uezd
Dvinsk C2-3493 Rivkin Aron Ur'yev lich. prom Dvinsk uezd
Dvinsk C2-3494 Rivkin Berka Movshev lodging [tax] Dvinsk uezd
Dvinsk C2-3495 Rivkin Leiba Yudelev lodging [tax] Dvinsk uezd
Polotsk C2-1373 Rivkin Aron Leizerov property [ownership] Polotsk
Vitebsk C2-142 Rivkin Shaya Itskevich property [ownership] Surazh
Vitebsk C2-143 Rivkin Dovid Itskovich property [ownership] Surazh
Vitebsk C2-147 Rivkin Itska Dovidovich business certificate Surazh
Vitebsk C1-155 Rivkin Abel Leibovich business certificate Vitebsk uezd
Vitebsk C1-359 Rivkin Leiba Abelevich property [ownership] Vitebsk uezd
Vitebsk C1-668 Rivkin Itska Leibovich business certificate Vitebsk uezd
Vitebsk C2-1630 Rivkin Aizik Abelevich business certificate Vitebsk - Ward 3
Lepel C2-264 Gol'der Mendel Simonov -- Lepel uezd