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Voter Fraud

Nationwide voter fraud has occurred in Election 2000. If all these fraudulent votes were subtracted from Gore's total, would he really have won the popular vote?
Felons Noncitizens Registration I N S Recounts Bribery Voting Hours Military Absentee Ballots


Friday, December 1, 2000—Hundreds of felons cast votes illegally  At least 445 Florida felons voted illegally on Nov. 7, casting another cloud over a disputed presidential election already mired in legal challenges, a Herald investigation has found. The tainted votes -- found in a review of nearly half a million votes cast in 12 Florida counties -- provide evidence that the presidential race was influenced by thousands of ineligible voters. Nearly six million voters in Florida's 67 counties cast ballots. They also point out the failure of Florida's multimillion-dollar effort to prevent election fraud by eliminating dead and illegal voters from the registration rolls. "This just goes to show that the most expensive voting equipment in the world is worthless when the voting rolls are that filthy," said Deborah Phillips, president of the nonprofit Voting Integrity Project in Arlington, Va. "It's just an invitation to lower the integrity of the election." TWO KEY COUNTIES  The majority of the illegal votes -- 330 -- were cast in Palm Beach and Duval counties, which decided not to participate in the statewide effort this year to purge felons, dead people and double registrants from the rolls.   Miami Herald
Tuesday, November 28, 2000—Felons turn up on city's list of Nov. 7 voters:   Spot check shows at least 2 appear ineligible for ballots   Nemencio Rivas and Rodney Marshall, both felons on probation, are not supposed to vote. But on Nov. 7, Rivas and Marshall both walked into Ward 327 at the Highland Park Housing Complex, filled out new registrant cards and cast votes for Al Gore. Felons who are still serving their sentences - including probation and parole - may not vote, under state law. If they do, they are committing a felony that is punishable by up to four years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The votes of Rivas, 20, and Marshall, 28, were uncovered during a spot check by the Journal Sentinel of the more than 750 people who registered to vote on election day at Ward 327, on the city's west side.   Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel On-line


Tuesday, November 7, 2000— Non-citizens vote with "Clinton card"?  A mailer signed by Bill Clinton provided unofficial, paper "voter identification cards" to unregistered non-citizens in California, increasing the potential for rampant voter fraud today in the battleground state with the most electoral votes. A 20-year-old Guatemalan legally residing in Los Angeles County received the "Clinton card" just three days before the election. The California Democratic Party, which paid for the mailer, said yesterday that information about recipients was taken from voter files. Such files are open to candidates and political parties for campaign purposes. However, WorldNetDaily today confirmed that the woman is not registered to vote and therefore does not have a voter file, raising serious questions as to the party's information source. The Guatemalan woman and her mother, both of whom wish to remain anonymous, have struggled to obtain U.S. citizenship through the Immigration and Naturalization Service for the better part of decade, but to no avail. Surprised to have received the mailer congratulating her for registering to vote, the young woman contacted WND. World Net Daily article
Monday, November 6, 2000—Voter Fraud, Again!  Joseph Farah wrote of a letter sent to 1 million Californians. The letter was signed by President Clinton and paid for by the California Democrat party. Farah learned of the letter because a Hispanic woman awaiting citizenship. not yet a citizen.received the letter. The letter contained a "voter registration card" with instructions for the recipient to sign the card, take it to the polls, and vote Democrat. Note that when you click on the image of the letter he lower right corner of the letter [left corner in the Spanish version printed on the reverse side] in the image appears to be the "card." For Farah's entire article: World Net Daily article.  Clinton letter  Reverse side of Clinton letter in Spanish  Spanish side of Clinton letter enlarged enough to see some Spanish


Tuesday, November 14, 2000—Marquette U students voted more than once, survey finds Freshman says he did it to draw attention to 'screwed up' system  Of the 174 Marquette students who said they voted more than once, 95 said they voted both by absentee ballots from their home state and also in Wisconsin. Forty-one said they voted twice in Wisconsin, 25 said they voted three times in Wisconsin and 13 said they voted four or more times in Wisconsin. McGraw, the student editor, said the multiple voting occurred at three polling places: the university's Alumni Memorial Union, the Highland Park Housing Complex and Grand Avenue Middle School. McGraw stressed that all three sites were operated by the City of Milwaukee Election Commission. "They said they saw the system was being run poorly, wanted to show how easily it could be abused and how it needed to be reformed," McGraw said. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article
Saturday, November 11, 2000—WISN Channel 12, Milwaukee  The Milwaukee County district attorney has assigned six staffers to investigate the Republican Party's allegations of voting irregularities in this week's election....The Republican Party says it's received about 800 complaints from around the state, including 600 from Milwaukee County....A significant part of the party's case is a video shot by WISN 12 News that shows campaign volunteers for Vice President Al Gore distributing cigarettes to homeless people allegedly in exchange for absentee votes....They also listed two dozen other reported irregularities, including names of witnesses like Cheryl Sorenson, who said she saw a poll worker allow a man to vote even though he wasn't registered, 12 News' Colleen Henry reported. D.A. Will Investigate Voter Fraud
Monday, November 6, 2000—Bogus Names Fill Voter Rolls.  Indianapolis, Indiana. Indiana's voter rolls are bursting with a record 4 million names, but hundreds of thousands of them are bogus, according to a newspaper report. The Indianapolis Star reported yesterday that many of the people behind those names have moved, died or gone to prison, and tens of thousands are registered in more than one county. Sloppy record keeping makes it appear people have voted twice in the same election, at old addresses and in one case even after death, the newspaper reported. Report: Bogus names fill voter rolls
Thursday, November 5, 1998—Voter Fraud Epidemic  As part of the front-page report, headlined "Voter Fraud: Simple as 1, 2, 3," the paper registered a fictitious voter, "Sandra L. Klaus." Under California law, the story explained, registering to vote requires only that individuals give a name and an address and declare that they are eligible to vote. They are then be entered on the rolls and sent a form -- at whatever mailing address they specify, even if it's a post office box in another state or another country -- asking if they would like to vote absentee. If they say yes, a ballot is then sent to that address. The entire process can be conducted by mail without the voter ever being asked to provide evidence of their true identity. Elections officials make no attempt to verify the eligibility -- or even the existence -- of people submitting voter registration forms. World Net Daily article


Saturday, November 11, 2000—Did the INS import votes?  "The Immigration and Naturalization Service's Florida district was engaged in a "systematic" program of speeding aliens through the citizenship process in an effort to enhance Democratic voter turnout on election day, according to a legal watchdog organization. Judicial Watch, a Washington, D.C.-based public-interest legal group that has launched a number of lawsuits against the Clinton administration, says an INS source told the group's lawyers the program in question "is nearly identical to the now infamous 1996 'Citizenship USA' program." Then, Judicial Watch said, thousands of aliens -- some with criminal backgrounds -- were "improperly and illegally rushed through the naturalization process in order to obtain Democratic votes for the presidential election." The Judicial Watch charges about the 1996 election have been confirmed by David Schippers, the former chief counsel for the House Judiciary Committee who prosecuted President Clinton's impeachment." World Net Daily article
Thursday, November 9, 2000—INS . Backlog Reduction Program. Repeats 1996 . Citizenship USA. Scandal: INS Examiners Given Extra 40 Hours Paid Time Off For Rushing Naturalization  Based on discussions with an Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) source, Judicial Watch said today that the Florida District of the INS has engaged in a systematic program of rushing aliens through the naturalization process to meet INS headquarters " goals" by October 1, 1999 and October 1, 2000. In Florida, a new citizen can register to vote up to October 10th. An INS source told Judicial Watch that the program is nearly identical to the now infamous 1996 "Citizenship USA" program, wherein thousands of aliens—some with criminal backgrounds—were improperly and illegally rushed through the naturalization process in order to obtain Democratic votes for the presidential election. The Florida INS effort has been termed the "Backlog Reduction Program,"—a neutral, bureaucratic-sounding title designed to lower the program's visibility with the media and the general public. INS examiners and clerks who met or exceeded headquarters goals and quotas for the program were rewarded with various types of bonuses, including an extra 40 hours of paid time off. Judicial Watch has also learned that, as part of this program, non-English speakers have had naturalization interviews illegally conducted in the alien's native language, as well as a case where an alien without any residence, family or business ties in the US was naturalized only three days after returning to the US from an 11 - ½ month absence from the country. Judicial Watch article


No Dateline—Explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach, FL   Note: The following statistical analysis was sent to [Mike Reagan] by Robert Cook, PE, a nuclear engineer, with an MS in statistical quality control, a software testing specialist and QA manager, who has a track record for analyzing and correcting trends, errors, and mistakes in heavy construction projects (ships, power plants, nuclear reactors, military and aerospace vehicles, etc. for more than twenty years. Robert Cook presents here a remarkable statistical analysis of the Palm Beach presidential ballot controversy that deserves serious investigation. He says that the controversial 19,120 Presidential race ballots at issue there were destroyed by deliberate double-punching ballots in Palm Beach County FL with a 'second punch' for Al Gore or Pat Buchanan. (In 1996, an additional 15,000 Dole and Perot ballots were destroyed by double-punching presidential ballots in Palm Beach County, FL. *) "It uses simplified but wide-ranging statistical comparisons to establish beyond doubt that democratic operatives "stole" by double-punching ballots approximately 15,000 Bush votes in Palm Beach County; and approximately 3,400 additional Buchanan votes."    Complete analysis by Robert Cook, PE
Friday, November 17, 2000—Seasoned Democratic Army Hits the Shores of Florida  This is the Democrats' last, best stand--their final hope to find non-tallied votes that could put Al Gore in the White House. Here in Broward County, a Democrat can hardly take a step without running into a party operative from somewhere else in the country. To scrounge for every last vote, Gore has flooded Fort Lauderdale with tough, seasoned Democrats, the sort who are used to keeping wafflers in line and to count and recount votes until they know exactly what it will take to outdo their opponents. Many of the hired hands speak with a Boston brogue--no accident considering the man who was dispatched here to do the impossible for Gore one more time. To win in Broward, Gore summoned his best on-the-ground political operative: Michael Whouley, the Boston political consultant who helped deliver Iowa and New Hampshire for him during the Democratic presidential primaries and who, on election night, vigilantly phoned the vice president at the last minute to head him off from delivering a concession speech to supporters in Nashville. Not far away, in an abandoned Payless shoe store, vanloads of AFL-CIO staffers and Gore loyalists from New York, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Francisco and elsewhere had disembarked to learn how to observe the ballot count. "Our goal," said one lawyer as he patiently lectured his new charges, "is to preserve the Al Gore vote." The volunteers nodded. "It's very, very important that if you see any kind of mark--a scratch, a dent, a pinprick in Al Gore's column--that you challenge." When someone then asked what they should do if they found a Bush ballot with an indent, the lawyer said: "Keep your lips sealed."  L. A. Times article
Wednesday, November 15, 2000—Missing Voting Mechanism Recovered: Police Say Florida Democrat Had a "Votamatic" in His Car  Several days after presidential votes were tallied in what has become the hotbed of Florida's post-election confusion, police in Palm Beach County confiscated a ballot-box mechanism from the car of a well-known local Democrat. The mechanism, called a " Votamatic," did not contain any ballots. It's a device used on some types of ballot boxes to punch votes through ballot cards, which are then tallied by computers....Slosberg, a 53-year-old resident of nearby Boca Raton who owns a handbag company, recently won a seat in the state Legislature amid allegations he tried to buy his election....Elected After a Recount  Slosberg won his new seat during a heated and extremely close election....In the primary election, Slosberg had barely squeaked past Levine. He reportedly had 50.5 percent of the votes to Levine's 49.5 percent. Slosberg was declared the winner after a recount of the votes. ABC News article
Monday, November 13, 2000—'How Democrats steal elections'  "Regarding the 1980 California Assembly race ...[the] Republican won "by about 54 votes or so." But after the election, Democrats "brought in their junkyard dog lawyers from around the country...and basically harassed the local registrar—got in their faces and demanded to handle ballots"—which were of the same type now in dispute in Palm Beach. The same issue of "hanging chads—the little squares in the punch cards—was also an issue in Stockton," says [former California Assemblyman Pat] Nolan. The Democrats' strategy, he says, was to handle them as often as possible—perhaps bending, crinkling or otherwise altering them—so that additional chads become displaced, thereby disqualifying the ballot.


Monday, November 6, 2000—WISN Channel 12, Milwaukee  "Campaign volunteers for the Democratic Presidential campaign were discovered distributing cigarettes to homeless voters after the volunteers had recruited the homeless specifically for their vote Saturday. ...a Milwaukee Rescue Mission employee said that he had to ask democratic campaign volunteers to leave the property after he caught them trying to bribe potential voters with packs of cigarettes. Cigarettes Distributed For Gore Vote

Voting Hours

Monday, November 6, 2000—Huckabee: State like a 'banana republic'  The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported Saturday that many county clerks had been instructed by election commissions to open their offices for early voting on weekends. A survey by the Democrat-Gazette found that 39 of the state's 75 county clerks opened their offices for voting the weekend of Oct. 26-27 or planned to do so last weekend. The state GOP says the early voting law, Arkansas Code Annotated 7-5-418, permits early voting only during regular, weekday office hours of the county clerk. The state Democratic Party contends that early voting should be permitted on weekends to ensure maximum voter participation and that the law isn't restricted as the GOP contends. The law says: "Early voting shall be available to any qualified elector who applies to the county clerk during regular office hours, beginning fifteen (15) days before an election and ending on the day before Election Day at the time the county clerk's office regularly closes." An alternate provision applying only to Pulaski County is worded differently and has nine subsections giving Pulaski County officials more latitude in providing conditions for early voting. Priest said her interpretation is that county clerks can decide what the regular office hours are. If any county clerk wants to keep the office open on weekends, that's his prerogative, she said. Huckabee: State like a 'banana republic'

November 4, 2000—Chicanery Roils Election 2000  There were some irregularities in St. Louis, when a state judge—who is a former staffer for House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt—ordered the polls to remain open an additional three hours, but that was quickly overturned when an appeals judge closed them down less than an hour later. The same official explained, however, that "because it appears that the late votes put [the late Gov. Mel] Carnahan ahead of [Republican Sen. John] Ashcroft, the Republicans retained lawyers to look into possible fraud in the [gubernatorial] contest." Chicanery Roils Election 2000 [Note: There are many anecdotal reports indicating that polls were open much later than the "extended" hours specified by the former-Gephardt-staffer judge.]

Military Absentee Ballots

Friday, November 17, 2000. Hundreds of Overseas Ballots Rejected   More than 1,000 overseas absentee ballots were thrown out Friday as Republicans complained of a coordinated challenge by Democrats, particularly against ballots from military personnel. In some counties, half or nearly all of the ballots were rejected, many of them military ballots that apparently didn't have postmarks. Orange County, for example, rejected 117 of its 147 overseas ballots. "The party of the man who wants to be the next commander-in-chief is trying to throw out the votes of the men and women he will be commanding," charged Jim Post, a Republican lawyer in Duval County, where 107 ballots were rejected....Earlier this week, Mark Herron, a Tallahassee lawyer helping shepherd Democratic presidential election lawsuits through the local courts, sent a five-page letter to Democratic attorneys throughout Florida giving them tips on how to lodge protests against overseas ballots.
Wednesday, November 15, 2000—Absentee Ballot Fraud among Democrats in Florida an Old Story  ...the State of Florida has a history of campaign fraud with absentee ballots. In fact, the Miami Herald received a Pulitzer prize for uncovering the absentee voter fraud in the 1997 Miami election for Mayor. In fact, an appeals court threw out 4,799 absentee ballots in the first election; and all 44,000 votes in the run-off and declared the loser in the first election the winner. In that race there were reported "ballot brokers" passing out absentee ballots and helping people vote for the "right" candidates. I have had reports from various areas about absentee voter fraud in this election. One of the charges has been the absentee ballots simply not getting to voters - especially voters in the military. In my own household, a young woman from Florida who stayed with me while in school was unable to vote because, although requested, her absentee ballot never arrived. In a couple of cases, absentee ballots have been stolen from the mail, filled out and sent in. Absentee Ballot Fraud among Democrats in Florida an Old Story
Tuesday, November 14, 2000—Military anguishes over missing ballots: Some claim overseas mail sent 4th-class instead of 1st  Many overseas military personnel ... continue to say they have been "cheated" out of their vote -- due to their absentee ballots either arriving late or never arriving at all. WorldNetDaily has received an enormous amount of e-mail from military families overseas, or their stateside relatives, complaining that the service personnel did not receive absentee ballots they had requested. A number of WND's military readers have specifically reported that their ballots were sent fourth class "bulk mail" -- which in some cases delays delivery by a month or more -- instead of first class. In fact, some American military families in Germany are reportedly flying the American flag upside down -- a traditional sign of distress -- at their places of residence, as a result of the presidential election and the subsequent balloting difficulties. In some cases, local military police have forced personnel to take the inverted flags down. Meanwhile, Oregonian Judy Krutsinger tells WorldNetDaily that her brother-in-law, stationed on board the USS Tarawa near Yemen, reports that "thousands" of ballots are still sitting in mailbags aboard a U.S. Navy warship. He says they were never picked up, though mail recently has been delivered to the same warship. Krutsinger alleges that the Pentagon had contacted Florida election officials to inform them that mail from all area warships had been picked up Nov. 7, but that her relative aboard the Tarawa denies that. ...said e-mail aboard the Tarawa has since been "shut down"... World Net Daily on Missing Ballots
Tuesday, November 14, 2000—Navy Votes Found on Gulf Ships  The Navy said yesterday it has discovered bundles of overseas ballots left behind on three ships in the Persian Gulf. Cmdr. Greg Smith, a Navy spokesman, said the ballots cast by some of the 3,000 sailors and Marines on board the USS Tarawa, USS Deleuth and USS Anchorage would be flown back to the United States "expeditiously"—hopefully in time to be counted. American Legion News Website
Tuesday, November 14, 2000—Postal service hurrying military ballots to Florida counties  The U.S. Postal Service is hurrying military overseas ballots arriving in Florida through the delivery process, getting them to the 67 county election departments the same day they arrive in the country....the envelopes are marked "absentee ballot," making them easy to spot among the hundreds and sometimes thousands of pieces of military mail arriving at the center about midnight daily. Workers pull the ballots and mark each with a tracking number so it can be followed through the process. Within hours, the ballots are put on trucks and planes heading throughout the state and delivered to the counties that afternoon. A regular piece of mail, such as a letter, normally takes one or two days to reach its recipient, Rice said. She said such a procedure cannot be done with civilian overseas absentee ballots because they arrive at numerous air mail centers throughout the country, not just in Florida. ABC News article
Tuesday, November 14, 2000—Gore has advantage in military ballots  Republicans hoping that George W. Bush will get a big boost when Florida's absentee vote is tallied on Friday November 17 may be in for a big disappointment. While military absentee voters are expected to break heavily for Bush, most of their ballots arrived stateside by Election Day via the military's "fast mail" system. Those votes have already been counted, according to election supervisors interviewed by the Tallahassee Democrat. If true, that would severely diminish what was expected to be a big Bush vote windfall. Counties: Okaloosa [Eglin] - only 40 or 50 waiting; Santa Rosa [Pensacola NAS] - 180+ waiting; Escambia - 136 [1100 not received]. NewsMax article
Tuesday, November 7, 2000—Pentagon not interfering with military voters  Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon Tuesday labeled "ludicrous" an Internet news story suggesting the military vote is being suppressed....The military is presumed to be a largely conservative voting block more likely to support Republican George W. Bush than Democrat Al Gore. "I have no idea what the military vote will be, but the premise of that story is ludicrous," Bacon said. Bacon says the story is flat wrong. The Pentagon does not send out absentee ballots. Individual service members request ballots from their home states that are then delivered to them wherever they are by mail. If a service member fails to request a ballot on time, or the ballot is not sent out quickly enough, or the ballot is not returned in time, the service member may not get to vote....Nevertheless, more than 100,000 military members were unable to vote in the 1996 election that said they wanted to. "It is not the Pentagon's fault. We're sorry if there were some glitches," said Bacon. About 64 percent of the military voted in the 1996 election compared to 49 percent of the public at large. [NOTE: Kenneth Bacon previously denied releasing Linda Tripp's personnel records.]  Pentagon not interfering with military voters