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Smiley`s Guide

by Kevin Larsen

  • -Before you go
  • -Choosing a table
  • -Patience
  • -Greed

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Before you go

     First things first. Make sure your car is full of gas,if you smoke have a full pack on you. Now the hard part, How much money can you afford to lose? Start low, I take $20, when thats gone I go home and reflect. You can take more than this, but remember whatever you walk in the door with can belong to the casino when you leave. One more tip,and this is the most important one, LEAVE CREDIT CARDS AND ATMS AT HOME!

Choosing a table

     Craps is my first choice,don`t worry it really is a simple game. Find a crowded table,squeeze in, put your $20 down and tell the dealer you want a $6 Eight. (if the point is 8 get a $6 Six). You can lose this bet three times then your done on this trip. GO HOME! However,6`s & 8`s can hit a lot. They pay 7 to 6. If they start hitting, rack the winnings! Once you have some cheese,you can get more place bets. 5`s and 9`s are next, they pay 7 to 5. Then get a 4 and a 10, payouts on these are 9 to 5. Remember to place all these bets with your winnings,and you`ll allways be playing with house money, not your own.

     If the 7-out comes you`ll lose all your place bets, but if you were using the CHEESE, you`ll still have your original $20 to start over with. If you catch a roll(shooter making his points), get a line bet for $5 and back it up w/ $10. And once you have $27 across(a single bet on all the numbers excluding the point,tell the dealer to press every time a number pays off, this means to double your bet on that number. You stand to make a significant profit on a good roll, however once your bets reach $25 you should take the pay out with out pressing at least once. This will increase your bankroll tremenduosly. When you have $137 across(all green on the numbers) buy the 4 & 10, and tell the dealer to press all bets till they turn purple($500 checks) 0ne more bet to make, and this is the most important one, place a couple of white checks next to your line bet. This is for the dealers they will appreciate it, that is how they make a living.

Patience & Timing

     Patience is a virtue, and timing is everything! Without either you might as well just mail your $20 to the casino. You have to wait for a good roll then press your bets. If you just slap down $137 across and the 7-out comes you`ve lost $137. However, if you start with a $6 eight you`ve only lost $6. If you have $137 across from pressing the bets w\ house money and the 7-out comes, you still have only lost $6.


     Don`t let it get the better of you. Once you`ve caught a roll, and have doubled your money or more,LEAVE! If you stay at that table you`ll wind up giving all your cheese back. So you say your feeling lucky,if you`ve caught a good roll chances are there won`t be another for quite awhile. Pocket all your cheese, except for $20, and go to the poker room and play 7 card stud.(another easy game which I`ll explain on page 2 Poker!) When you`ve lost your $20 GO HOME!

Toke the dealers!

     Tipping makes them happier, gets you better service, and a happy dealer will give you good advice on placing bets. The casinos only pay them slightly over minimum wage,tips pay their bills!

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