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This is just a small page to get me started feel free to click on the links and sign my guest book I started this to keep myself busy. It's not very good, but with time it will be the best.

Let me introduce myself; my name is Joe I live in Williamsport, PA and Work at Elsag Bailey Electronics as an I/O Clerk. I have 1 Cat and 2 fish. Two Tiger oscars. I had them for about one year. The Oscars are now about 6 inches long and are always hungry. Destiny, my cat, is 2 1/2 years old. She keeps me company alot. She is a very Smart Cat. My pride and joy is my car. I own a 93 Dodge Shadow ES.

Well tell more later. Keep checking back as i will have future updates.

Today is March 18th. Last Night I Watched 3 new lives enter this world. My Cat Destiny had 3 tiny little babies. The first one was gray, the Second a Tiger, and the third was Black. I am so happy. This is her second litter. I just got a scanner so i'll be adding my picture to my page soon.

Today is March 30th. My baby kittens eyes are now open. They are getting so big. Today i picked up the black one and he hisses and swated me on the nose. He is going to be a wild cat.

Here it is, May 11th. I got rid of all the kittens. They are all doing well. April wasn't a very busy month for me; thats why the long pause in the writing. Well our company is now offically sold. We were bought out by ABB company, so hopefully work will again pick up.

Here it is, August 9, 1999...I moved out of my apartment. Sat back and thought of how much money I spent these last three years. That would have givin me a good down payment on a house. Work is busier then ever. Had to get rid of my cat. All the kittens found homes. I just found out that my Wild cat got hit by a car :( Was very sad over that. Mom and dad got the gray one and She is so much like here mom. My Fish are doing wonderful. Well her it is December, 16 days till christmas and 24 more till the new year. Wow I can't believe it is the year 2000 already. Seems like yesterday i was in 5th grade and we were wondering where we would be. Well my wish came true. I have a computer job and I love it.

Finaly i can get some more onto my web page. I lost my job. Business for them is not to good. So i am unemployed. I am moving back into my old apartment; this time though, i will be on the second floor. i am hoping to buy it someday. They came and repoed my car..thats ok..i am starting a fresh life now.

Chris, he's my bud, he is so much fun to be with. I also am back with Katina, she has 4 kids, Mike, Courtney, Erica, Kristie. They are a Joy but like kids, they can be little PITAS (pain in the ass) but hey you gotta love them. I am still living in my apartment by myself now.

Can you believe it, Thanksgiving has come and went so fast..pretty soon it will be chistmas and a new year. It seem as if this year went so fast.

Well i got a an earily christmas presant..i start at Keystone Veener. I finaly got another job..well its gonna be kewl..i work 3rd shift from 11-7 Sunday thru Thursday. Still have the weekend to myself and party hardy. Here it is 18 days till Christmas.

Christmas and New Years came and went so fast, it's hard to believe its 2001. My job is going excellent, i am on my 2nd month here and they put me on third shift finally. i guess my old company i was working for is not doing so good. But hey, i don't have to worry because i am no longer there.

Here it is April already. Man this year is going by pretty fast. I have been on first shift now for about 3 months. I am not sure what the plan is. I am really starting to like it on first. I am still looking for a new car, no luck though. Well i'll right more later.

Well i am finally back in my old apartment..I am so Happy. I got a new Roommate....Shayne (AKA Damion Poe) He is so kewl to hang with. My job is doing very well.

Well here it is March 4th, 5 days till my b-day. I live alone again and once again unemployed. But is life.

Well still no job. Can't seem to find anything at all. But I am not gonna give up. I will be adding more pictures to my web page and soon their will be a Cook-Book page of all the good food that my family has made and passed down over the years so keep looking for it.

Here it is April 18th. My grandmother turned 80 today. I love her so. I started a new job yesterday. Working with my brother. Its alot of fun but not use to the manual labor. I am bulding roof trusses. Its like putting a giant jig-saw puzzle together. Here it is April 6, 2003. Our company moved closer to my area. Our named changed from Susquehanna Wood Truss to American Truss Company. Only two more weeks and i will have been their for a whole year. I got a new additon to my family. I have a Doggie now. Her name is Tasha, she is a Pomeranium. I love her to death.

Well here it is, a new year. Happy 2004. Hope everyone has a wonderful year. I hope I do. Soon i am hopeing to buy the house that i have lived in for 6 years. It will be a joy to actualy spend all this money and to say its finally mine.

Well hear it is December 19th, 2004..only 6 days till Mr. Clause is Hear. I moved about 3 weeks ago to a new house. It's taking a while to get use to the adjustment but i am coping with it. I miss my old place but hey, i have to move on.

Its July 8th, 2005. This new century is going like crazy. It's hard to beleive that 8 months have gone by since i moved to my new place. Time is going by fast. The kids are growing so fast. Kristie is gonna be 16 in Janurary, and Michael is in Little Leauge. His team is Called Oberjock's. He made the Major Leauges. Today was his last game.

Well hear it is, May 27, 2006. I have left my girlfriend after 6 years in Janurary of this year. I am moving to west 4th street hear soon. I have been staying with my mom to help out with the finances since my step father died in august of last year. We miss him lots.

I have made a spot on my please click here, Joeys My Space and check it out.

Wanted to all let ya know that our company, after 4 years of business, closed their doors hear in Williamsport. Im now commuting to and from Berwick. Not my choice of a job but hey the money is good. Been living in my new apartment now for over 4 months. Been had to get use to living on my own again. I miss the kids so much. I bet Austyn is getting so big. Its been 7 months since i have seen him. Very hard not seeing the kids but i respect the wishes of that one person who doesn't want me in the kids lives.

Well after 4 years i quit the truss company. Since we have been comutting to and from Berwick, i have not liked it. Long hours on the road, a compny thats not managed correctly. So now im working at Dollar Boulvard...

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