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Tupelo-Lee Humane Society

Mailing address: P.O. Box 1185 - Tupelo, MS 38802
Physical address: 2400 S. Gloster St. - Tupelo, MS 38801

Phone: (662) 841-6500
FAX: (662) 841-6501

****Congratulations to the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society...winner of the "best publicity" catagory for the 1999 Paws to Recycle Campaign...a national program in which animal shelters across the country compete to see who can recycle the most alumimum cans between September 1rst and November 30th. The "best publicity" win carries a $3,000 cash prize. Thanks to program coordinator Kathy Fealhaber, TLHS staff, and volunteers who earned this honor.**** *******************************************************

The Tupelo-Lee Humane Society was founded in December of 1979. This group of individuals wanted to bring more attention to companion animal overpopulation and replace the local "pound" with a true animal shelter. Both goals were accomplished.

TLHS now contracts with and receives funding from the city of Tupelo to provide animal control (dog catcher) services for Tupelo. TLHS also receives funding from Lee County to take in stray animals that are brought to us by citizens from unincorporated areas of the county. There are no leash laws in the county, so we do not provide active animal control there. The Society also relies on funding from membership dues, donations, and fundraisers.

The animal shelter is located at 2400 S. Gloster St. in what was formerly a veterinarian's clinic.


Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes. TLHS is recognized as a 501(c)3, not for profit organization under the Internal Revenue service code.

How extensive are TLHS rescue efforts?

The TLHS staff has participated in many exciting rescues of abused, abandoned, and neglected animals in both Tupelo and Lee County, and on rare occasions has assisted in operations outside Lee County. Everything from rescuing a cat inside a culvert to assisting with the capture of abandoned emus has been carried out. In the summer of 1999, 11 starving horses - involving four separate cases - were rescued.

Does TLHS take an aggressive approach toward adopting animals?

Yes. TLHS averages 110 adoptions per month. With an approximate 40% adoption rate, we are well ahead of the national average which hovers around 12%.

What is TLHS euthanasia policy?

Sadly, many of the animals that come to us are in poor condition and some do have to be humanely put to sleep. We generally try to limit euthanasia to animals that are diseased, seriously injured, and/or have uncontrollable or aggressive behaviors; but do have to expand that criteria during peak breeding seasons (spring/summer) when intake exceeds our available space. We do not have time limits. As long as an animal remains healthy and adoptable, it is typically given a chance.

What is TLHS doing to prevent unwanted animals and eliminating animal suffering?

Every animal that leaves TLHS with an adoptive family is required to be spayed or neutered. We recently adopted an early spay/neuter program and are performing surgeries as early as 8-10 weeks of age on females and 12 weeks on males. These procedures have been endorsed by both the American Humane Association and American Veterinary Association for several years now as a means to control the booming companion animal overpopulation. TLHS spayed or neutered over 1,400 animals in 1998.

What is TLHS doing to encourage existing pet owners to get their animals spayed or neutered?

While TLHS does not perform veterinary services on privately owned animals, we do provide certificates honored by local veterinarians which allow pet owners a reduced fee for spay/neuter services. TLHS has also circulated petitions encouraging the U.S. Postal Service to issue a spay/neuter stamp.

What is TLHS doing to educate the public on animal issues?

Though not as aggressive as we would like, TLHS does offer humane awareness programs in local schools. We have also done several programs at local civic clubs, churches, etc. which target adults.

Is there a TLHS endowment?

The non-profit, charitable CREATE Foundation established a TLHS endowment in the fall of 1998. This was kicked off by a substantial, anonymous gift from an out-of-state donor. However, it is important to remember, TLHS only receives a 5% payout annually on the fund balance each January. Therefore, more traditional forms of charitable giving remain a priority to our financial well-being.

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