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You don't need my voice girl you have your own...They're watching my every sound...

My Tori Amos Bootlegs

As we approach the start of the much-anticipated "5.5 weeks" tour, I'd like to encourage anyone seeing Tori to tape the show, even if you're not an experienced taper! FYI-I will be attending 3 shows: Cincinnati, OH; Columbus, OH; and Detroit, MI; and will be taping each show I attend.

indicates the newest shows that I have received. This page was last updated 6/13/99

Early Stuff   Little Earthquakes   Under The Pink
Dew Drop Inn Plugged '98 5.5 Weeks Compilations&Misc

The ratings will be up as soon as possible!

A+ soundboard or soundboard quality
A soundboard quality
A- soundboard quality, maybe a little flaw
B+ Very good quality, a couple minor flaws
B Good quality, a couple minor flaws
B- fairly good quality maybe one big flaw or a lot of little ones
C Fair quality, a couple major flaws, still listenable
C- Fair quality, for completists only, and then only if it's the only one avaliable.
F I got cheated and I'm listing it only so I know I have it

When a show is listed with two ratings like A/A- the first rating is the overall rating. The 2nd rating is what it will occasionally hit. So overall it's an A, but occasionally, in places, it's A-.


Click to see available setlists.
This marks each individual bootleg
This marks shows with special guests
The cd indicates a CD-R Copy of a show!
this indicates that a show is 2 Cds or 2 Casettes
The M indicates a Master copy of a show

Information on commercial bootlegs comes from Jason's Tori Amos Bootleg Discography

Pictures from commercial bootlegs come from Shiri & Issac Cd's And Videos Bootleg Cover Scans

Both of these pages are REALLY a big help and informative! Check them out!

Early Stuff

Ultra Rarities (Tori Stories Disc 1)
Y Kant Tori Read (import)

Little Earthquakes

Little Earthquakes Demos & Outtakes
West Palm Beach Florida/Live In Montreux 1992

Under The Pink

A/A+ Me & A Piano
Tori And Her Mask
Milan 4/18/94
West Palm Beach Florida/Live In Montreux 1992
Berlin, Germany 4/4/94
Palladium Theatre 1994
Milwakee, WI 10/5/94
East Lansing, MI 10/16/94
Adelaide Australia 12/10/94

Dew Drop Inn

Blood Roses
Dew Drop Inn Boulder
In My Head
Piano Lessons
Purple Rose, The
Sellout (tampa, FL)
Sweet Old England
Tori On Harmonium
Voices In the Air 4/10/96
Boulder, CO 10/11/96
Jacky Gleason Theatre 10/22/96
Miami, FL 10/23/96
Rudder Auditorium College Station TX 10/29/96
Live in NYC 1997

Plugged '98

Phoenix (theatre)
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 4/18/98
Boston, MA 4/25/98
Philidelphia, PA 4/26/98
Chicago, IL 4/30/98
KROQ Breakfast With Tori Interview 5/7/98
Pinkpop 6/1/98-jools holland interview
Chicago, IL 6/6/98
Frankfurt, Germany 6/23/98
Ames, Iowa 7/18/98
Cincinatti, OH 7/21/98
Auburn Hills, MI 7/23/98
Boston, MA 8/1/98
Wallingford, CT 8/4/98
Fingerlakes, NY 8/6/98
BJCC Concert Hall, Birmingham AL 8/14/98
Knoxville, TN 8/15/98
8/17/98 Atlanta
8/18/98 Atlanta
Sunrise FL 8/21/98
Sunrise FL 8/22/98
Nashville, TN 8/25/98
St. Louis, MO 8/26/98
Omaha, NE 8/30/98
Eugene, OR 9/13/98
Seattle End Sessions
Los Angeles, CA 9/22/98
Las Vegas, NV 9/24/98
Raleigh, NC 10/18/98
Binghamton, NY 11/10/98
West Lafayette, IN 10/31/98
Grand Rapids, MI 12/2/98
East Lansing, MI 12/3/98

5.5 Weeks

Coming Soon

Compilations & Misc.

Doughnuts With Sweet Marianne
Under the Covers
Unplugged & Unreleased

a make graphics! want to see more?

Coming Soon

Anything But Honey
Back To Basics
Cornflake Girl (newhaven)
* Dreaming
From The Choirgirl Hotel World Premiere Radio Special
Fresh 'N Pink
* Inside The Storm
In The Breeze
Little Blue Girl
Piano Girl Up North
Saint & Sinner

* stars indicate what I REALLY want

Anything GOOD QUALITY w/Ring My Bell and/or Tubular Bells/Small Town Boy on it.


Commercial Videos
Little Earthquakes

Music Videos:
The Big Picture
The Complete Video Collection

TV Appearances
MTV 120 Minutes 1/21/96
Doughnut Song (LIVE)
Horses (LIVE)

Today Show 2/4/94
Leno 2/11/94
Friday Night Videos 3/11/94
Letterman 3/28/94
Good Morning America 3/30/94
The Box 3/94
Alternative Nation 3/94
The Concert For RAINN (Lifetime) 1996
MTV's Loveline
MTV Unplugged
Leno 5/11/98
Conan (Jackie's Strength) '98
VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars
The Roseanne Show 10/98
CNN Newstand 10/29/98



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