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After distributing over 300 copies of "Brimstoned", Matt decided he didn't want to start another band, because he wanted to keep it simple, so he decided he would become a solo artist. He played two solo shows in March and April of '96 (one opening for Winterboy's Farewell Worcester show, and one of them as a featured artist with help from his friend MCFX aka Matt "Cazcam" Caswell on Moog performing the title track of Brimstoned) at the now defunct Espresso Bar in Worcester, and it only confirmed he made the right decision to become a solo artist. He enjoyed the rush of being the center of attention in front of an audience, and not just the guitarist, like he was in all of his previous bands.<><><><><><><><><> After the shows Matt decided to start recording his next album. He already had a half dozen songs written waiting to be recorded, so he began recording in April of '96. To come up with a title for his new album he decided he would randomly turn to a page in a copy of the Top 100 Psychedelic Songs book he had. He opened to 8 Miles High by the Byrds, so he thought for a minute and said, I'm going to go one mile higher and call my new album "9 Miles High". And so after nine months of recording "9 Miles High", was released on January 6th 1997 in honor of Syd Barretts' birthday because "9 Miles High" had a tribute song to Syd called "Light Globe". "9 Miles High" also had a song dedicated to a band from Allston, MA Matt had befriended called Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple. Commodore Vic20, the groups' singer/songwriter liked the song so much he asked Matt to perform it with them live. So he got together with VBMN for a few jam sessions and they got the song down. They performed it live in Matts' hometown Worcester at Sir Morgans Cove (now renamed The Lucky Dog Music Hall). It went over so well, Vic and VBMN asked Matt to play it a few more times over the course of a year or so. So Matt performed it a total of 3 times with VMBN once at Sir Morgans Cove, once at The Lizard Lounge in Allston and once at TT the Bears in Cambridge for the Nigh Compilation CD release show (his most successful and most seen performance to date). So thanks to Vic and VBMN, Boston got a taste of St. Hubbins, and they seemed to like him! These shows would be the only time (so far) St. Hubbins had a back-up band! <><><><><><><><><> In the summer of 1998, Matt was asked to join WarHorse, an Apocalyptic Stoner Doom band from Worcester that he was friends with. So he decided to give it a shot and he ended up singing and playing guitar and replacing their former singer/guitarist Krista Van Guilder. They were hard shoes to fill considering he was a big fan of Krista, but according to the Metal Maniacs review of WarHorse's New England Metal and Hardcore Fest performance in May of 1999, he filled Krista's shoes admirably! Matt played a dozen or so shows with WarHorse and recorded a demo, a 7-inch called Lysergic Communion, and a 12-inch called The Priestess with them before quitting the band in May of 1999. He loved playing and singing in WarHorse, and enjoyed being in a band again, but he felt the need to get back to St. Hubbins, where his heart was more comfortable. <><><><><><><><><> On September 9, 1999, the day Hurricane Floyd hit New England, Matt started recording his most ambitious album to date, "Piscean Waters". It was completed in Feburuary 2001 and was released on February 27th, Matts 30th birthday. He played his first solo live show in five years at the Java Hut in Worcester, MA on March 29th to promote "Piscean Waters". Since then, he hasn't recorded too much, but the birth of his first child Sebastian has kept him VERY busy and he thoroughly enjoys being a father. <><><><><><><><><> On Halloween 2003 he released a CD called Sainthology 1995-2001, a compilation of his favorite tracks off his three cassette-only releases. <><><><><><><><><> On October 4th 2005 Matt was officially divorced from his wife, Julie. Matt released a new CD entitled "D-Change:Songs of Love and Loneliness" on 6-3-08. The CD is a diary of his marriage and divorce. He plans to play live shows to promote the CD to help spread the word of how serious mental illness affects women after childbirth and to help others cope with this terrible life-changing experience!