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Welcome, HE has been waiting for you.....

Welcome! Have you been waiting long? Come sit, rest after your long journey.
Here is a stool made out of a cut log, sit under the shade of these great trees.
Birds are singing around us creating a comforting and relaxing atmosphere. Please accept a refreshment, cool well water to quench your thirst, and a sweet to renew your strength. You have traveled far to come to this humble place. You are safe here. No need to hide anything or to put on an act. There are no masks here, and there is no need for any. You may be yourself. There is nothing to fear; you are very safe here. We are alone, (and yet never alone), within this great mystery of creation. The ancient trees shade us as we talk softly and share, surrounded by green everywhere, a blue sky, mountains all around. In thick woods this is an oasis of peace and joy.
The water, in a simple wooden cup, is smooth and cool, you feel it as it goes down your throat all the way to your heart. You may have more if you wish my friend. The refreshing well here is without bottom and never dries up. And my humble love for you most sincere and deep. The leaves ruffle in the wind softly sending a cool breeze onto you after your long journey to find this place. The path is treacherous I know, and hard. The rugged terrain grows more so the closer you come here. Stones, boulders, jagged cliffs, thick green bushes and thorns line the path, close in on it. The vegetation is wild and gets thicker as you get closer, hindering your walk. A stream at the base of the little valley is the natural barrier that one needs to cross in order to come here.

I hope the bridge I built out of simple wood was helpful in your crossing. The sun rises high burning hot in the heat of the day. Yet the coolness of this place is remarkable and sweet despite the heat of the surroundings.

I am glad that you have come here. Come let us reason together as brethren. Stay awhile and leave renewed armed with strength and hope. Not from me but fromt he Presence of the One Who Is here. We are alone. Only many creatures, harmless in their love for you are near us.

The animals look at a human being and seek to sense if Godís grace is present. They are innocent, they have never offended their Creator. So they see clearly, as do children, the Presence of Godís Spirit. If they see that His grace is within they become close friends to us, and helpers.
You can rest and be at peace as we talk and share. You honor me by your presence. Your heart is a great gift for which I give thanks. You are beautiful, unique, and most precious. The peace of this place is true. You may rest and refresh yourself casting off your cares and worries if but briefly in this short retreat. There is One here who says to all that come: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."
Yet my friend know that you have also entered an arena of great struggle and warfare, a place of intense athletic training. You have come to an arena of working out and of developing the art of martial warfare where the stakes are the highest. Here prepare to strive, to make muscles strain and grow, to confront enemies that have no other wish than your destruction. Tread courageously! Be not weak in your steps! Have faith! You are not alone! It is within your reach to find the means to overcome all adversity! All that is written here is true. You will see that even the impossible is made possible by the Power that is here, by the Presence that is here. If we believe and just try our best, there is no failure. For the truth is my dear friend, that with the Power that is within our grasp one can not fail ever as long as he or she but strives! In the end the striving is what matters. With the tools that are within reach you can move any mountain, no matter how high or forbidding it may appear!

This is also a place of great peace and unearthly beauty, a place to lay down your heavy load whatever it may be and to rest. A place to find real joy and strength that no one can take away. We are on earth but we are called to live here as if we are nomads and sojourners. Our citizenship and permanent dwelling is elsewhere. These are important quests; the search of every human being. Yet the answer is so simple. The solution is very very nearby. All we have to do, all you have to do is reach out for it!

I am filled with joy to meet you. Under my ragged robes I am a humble hermit that lives in this secluded place. Far from human society it is easier for me to be with Him. That is why I live here. You may call me Christopher. I like the name Christopher and there is a long story behind it. If you decide for us to meet in cyber space or live we will discuss the reasons. This page, this hermitage in cyber space is yours too. I may live here as a guest but it is also yours. (Ultimately we are all guests, the Owner is Someone else!). I hope you feel welcome and challenged and that you will find some refreshment from lifeís hustle. Yes this place is always open to you to visit and stay as long as you wishÖ. But why? you might ask. The answer is simple" we are all called to be warriors in life! Warriors of God, strong and courageous warriors of Christ, prayer warriors, patience warriors, warriors fighting against evil and darkness! Warriors of Godís love! And let me tell you the forces of evil donít stand a chance! They are defeated by the praying warrior, completely defeated by Christís Cross!

You may ask why the name "Spirit Warrior... " Well, I'm struggling, and warring with the only weapon I have which is the power of the Holy Spirit. It's dark without God and awfully lonely even in a crowd of people who love you. With Him though you find things that were impossible before to be possible and easy. That is saying allot I know; but you see it's the power all human beings are called to have and can have. I'm trying to walk with God. He does most of the walking of course, most of the time I'm flat on my face. I have found though that falling is not where the problem is. That's easy! Getting up is what takes courage. At those times it's easy to loose courage. That's where the Holy Spirit comes in! Anyway, what am I like. Well I'm 37, a former competitive powerlifter. I have studied the martial arts very deeply, I love nature and living in the wilderness very much. I love children and young people very much. In my heart I feel like I'm a kid of about 8! Astronomy, physics, biology, the study of nature in general are my hobbies. The universe as a whole inspires and moves me.

one of the trillions of galaxies He has made!

I love human beings, all shapes, colors, ages and sizes. All human beings are rare and priceless gems. Some suffer in want of daily needs, others live in prosperity. All are able to reach unimaginable wealth that is described here in these humble words. For beyond the countless poor that we think of normally, many more billions are those that are poor in spirit. Rich materially, poor spiritually, alone and forgotten. THERE IS ONE THAT NEVER FORGETS ANYONE THOUGH! He is the love of my life! I'm just a dumb Missouri farm boy, so if I could find THE answer I'm real sure you can too. The answer is Christ Jesus, the Son of God, the Creator of the Universe. Loving Him is the purpose for living.

Well I guess that is the reason the page is being made: if anyone is alone, feeling hopeless and afraid, (welcome to the club, there are at least 6 billion members!) hey I want to tell em not to because I've been there and I know He is everywhere!

I'll be working on the page for a while, trying to make it richer. I like all kinds of things, so I'll add the links so you can go there too. If you want to meet here on the web, let me know through email or ICQ.

My ICQ number is: 7315434

The Adventure Continues....

Keep going you are not alone.....