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The Lord is in His Holy Temple, let all the earth keep silence!

What temple can we build for the Lord or what house can we construct for Him?
The whole Universe can not contain Him, nor can all of creation bear His unspeakable glory or perceive His unknowable purpose. Even smudges of His Fingerprints on the most awesome objects of His creation do not show the tiniest of tiny fragments of His glory and power. In a moment He could undo all that He has done. In a blink of His eye He could put an end to our existence. Yet that is not His way. HIS way is to love us, to care for us. To love each human being as if he / she is the only creature in His creation, the only child in His great family. With infinite respect to our free will, not coming into our lives unless invited, the Lord of Glory, the Lord of Hosts, awaits our invitation to come and dwell in our hearts.

He prefers our heart as His dwelling place than all the galaxies and vast material universe, or all the spiritual realms and universes.
His desire is for humanity, His heart is set on loving us.

All HIS Divine Purpose and Will in the history of creation revolves around this most wondrous of His works: the human being. In other words YOU!!!

So donít let anyone or anything put you down! No one can take away your value as a person, no failure can over shadow the glory that you have within; the glory that HE Himself placed within you. No difficulty can stand so high or tragedy run so deep as to separate you from your call to walk with the God of All, to be a friend of the only true God, the only God that truly is. No matter what may happen, you are His child and no one, or nothing can take that away! The most inherent and sublime dignity of having within you Godís image is yours and can not be compromised. Even in the most ďinsignificantĒ person, (though to God all human beings are infinitely precious and significant), He is present and therefore all are worthy of the highest respect and honor! That is all fine and good but how do we make contact?

Before the activity of prayer, all other human endeavor pales to insignificance. There is no other act that has greater consequence, more meaning, greater power and effect than communicating with the Living God.
All creation communicates with Him, and renders up prayer and worship in its own way according to the character of each creature, yet prayer in the human sense is uniquely human and special. In the act of praying the human person speaks to the Personal God, speaks to his/ her Father.
The human being that is praying is talking as a child speaks to his/ her parent. While praying a human being, a creature of infinite value and worth, comes face to Face with the Terrible and Almighty Creator of the Universe. Before Him all things tremble, all creatures, spiritual and material hide and shake. Yet out of His infinite love for us He came down in the Person of His Son and desires to be with us, to walk the walk of our life with us, to struggle with us, to have us live eternally with Him in His unending Kingdom.

So me beloved friend, have courage, just try to reach out to Him. He awaits you with much love. He is reaching for you, looking for you to come home to Him, HE LOVES YOU, and understands you. There is nothing to fear. Simply start to pray, just ask, just make contact with Him. If words donít come easily, just say what is in your heart. If still you are dry, start with the Lordís prayer, or just the simple phrase known throughout history as the Jesus Prayer:

ďLord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner.Ē

When you walk to work, run, work out, study, eat, brush your teeth, whatever, whenever you remember it, just say this simple prayer. You will soar and meet the Awesome and Almighty Creator of the Universe. He will come and dwell inside your heart and make you His Throne, more wonderful and beautiful than the highest heaven. His Divine Light and Fire will fill you with His warmth and love. You will radiate His Presence, and be His joyful light for those around you.

Say the Jesus Prayer as it is called over and over and like a great sweetness not comparable to other earthly sweetness, the Lordís grace will take away all bitterness, turmoil, anxiety and restlessness, and slowly but surely fill you with His joy THE joy like no other. Have courage and just go for it!

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