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Perhaps in your life you may have problems that appear to be overwhelming. Maybe your work or profession is not where you want it to be. Your loved ones and friends perhaps at times seem not to understand you. Or an illness may plague a loved one or even yourself. At times a fear of tomorrow and what life has in stored may distress your thoughts. At times of weakness and physical, emotional and spiritual exhaustion you may have doubts of where to turn. Other moments in life may be filled with joy that you need to share with One that understands and shares in your joy and in your pain; One that is with you in personal defeat or victory; One that is with you in your need, or pain, or moments of stress. If you are a young person your concern for school, career, marriage, or spiritual calling may be at the forefront. Your performance in a particular subject in school, or your choice for what university or college may make your thoughts heavy and your feelings disturbing and unsure. On your athletic team there may be times where you simply donít perform your best, or you find discouragement from friends and teammates. The support of your parents, or parent is not present in what you desire to do in life. A lack of understanding is found when you seek to open your heart to express your concerns and the desires of your heart.
No matter what the situation is. No matter if you are old, young or middle aged. Regardless if you are female or male, rich or poor, educated or unschooled, there is One that understands and is ready to hear your words and share intimately in your life. The Almighty Creator of the Universe is not some impersonal faceless Supreme Being that cares nothing for the lives of human beings. God Almighty is our loving Everlasting Eternal Father! He loves you more than anything, and came down and became Man so that we could speak to Him as a friend speaks to his or her own Friend.
In the Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ God Himself took on your own personal human condition, bears your personal sins, carries your weaknesses, and shares in all facets of your life from the most joyful and easy going, to the most grave; even sharing in your death, the most fearful time of all for human beings. Yet He has come to you, in order that you not die. Our Lord Jesus Christ died in your stead. He died on the Holy Cross so that you donít have to. He rose from the grave so that you can live forever with Him, through endless eternity.

No matter what your need or care or joy is turn to Him, in prayer. Speak with Him. Love Him. He is. God is real, more real than anything else! There is no greater weapon, no more powerful tool for change in your own heart and body, or in the course of human history than prayer. And this awesome tool, the most powerful available to human beings is equally available to all person everywhere on this planet and where every human beings may be!
You may be in your room as you read this, or in a net cafť, or at school, or perhaps in a friends home. Where ever you are, no matter what the conditions or the time or day, you can use this powerful tool which God Himself gave to you. You can PRAY! Just try it! Or as the logo of the athletic t shirts says, "just do it." Seek the Lord with all your heart. Donít use fancy words. He knows what is in your heart already. Just speak what is in your thoughts and express your concerns freely to Him. In the way you would speak to your most closest friend and companion, and even closer share all that you have within you sincerely without airs or pretense. God will never ever misunderstand you, nor will He think less of you, nor will He talk about you to others behind your back.
And when you have run out of words to say, when you donít have anything else to share in your heart, keep the channel to God open by using other prayers written by men and women that lived and walked with Him. Most importantly use an ancient form of prayers that is simple and most useful expressing our love, joy and need to God.
Say the blessed words: " Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner."
If you say it often, every time you remember it, if you speak these words especially at night when you have time to be alone with God, sooner or latter you will feel such joy and sweetness, such strength and hope that you will feel like a newly born eagle ready to spread its wings for the first time. Just try it and you will see!

Have faith my dear friend. The Lord loves you. All He asks is that you love Him too. Just try to do what Saint Herman of Alaska teaches: "from this moment, from this hour, from this day, week, month and year, love God all the more!"

Make the decision. Do not hesitate! Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, pray, seek the Lord the Lord and He will answer and speak to you.
If no other words come to you, use the words our Lord Jesus Christ Himself gave to us to use when we wish to pray to Him:

" Our Father Who art in Heaven, hollowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one. For Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, now and always. Amen."

Many human beings, just like you have dedicated their lives to walking with God and being His servant and friend. Some known to us are called "saints" in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Many many more are unknown to us here on earth but nonetheless are saints in heaven. Here you will find some of the words of those that lived with God and became as angels upon the earth. You are called to be an angel on earth too. Read these words and gain strength from the Holy Spirit that inspired them.
Evagrios Ponticus,
"Prayer is the laying aside of thoughts. "
,br> St. Isaac the Syrian

"True wisdom is gazing at God. Gazing at God is silence of the thoughts. Stillness of mind is tranquillity which comes from discernment."

John the Solitary in On Prayer:

"For God is silence, and in silence is he sung by means of that singing which is worthy of Him. I am not speaking of the silence of the tongue, for if someone merely keeps his tongue silent, without knowing how to sing in mind and spirit, then he is simply unoccupied and becomes filled with evil thoughts: ... There is a silence of the tongue, there is a silence of the whole body, there is a silence of the soul, there is the silence of the mind, and there is the silence of the spirit."

St. Isaac the Syrian writes that we pray with words until the words are cut off and we are left is a state of wonder.

Evagrios the Solitary, "On Prayer," in the Philokalia

"If, then, you wish to behold and commune with Him who is beyond sense-perception and beyond concept, you must free yourself from every impassioned thought. Persevere with patience in your prayer, and cast off the cares and doubts that arise within you. Try to make your mind deaf and dumb during prayer, you will then be able to pray."

Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me, a sinner.

Ancient Monastic prayer

"Prayer is a technique or art of loving God, a method of Being in Love, with God. It's effect is to hold the world together. Prayer is the measure, the key, the keystone of all things. If the Prayer is right, everything will be right. Your prayer will reveal to you your condition, as a mirror.
Pray as you can; don't try to pray as you can't. For although the essence of prayer is the same: contact with God, not all forms of prayer suit all people. The attitude is the same.

If you would learn to pray unceasingly, you must begin by having specific times of prayer. Always keep the same measure of self-control and prayer; otherwise through irregularity you will go from one extreme to another.

Prayer is a turning away from the world, visible and invisible. Withdraw your soul from the perception of sense objects, and the intellect will find itself in God. It is said that the highest state of prayer is reached when the intellect goes beyond the flesh and the world, and while praying is utterly free of matter and form. He who maintains this state has truly attained unceasing prayer.

How to do this? Words are the tools of this world: silence is the mystery of the world to come. We pray with words until the words are cut off by wonder and we are left in silence, the Silence which is God - God, who is Silence. We make the effort to raise up, or rather, to enclose the mind in the words of the prayer; and if, like a child, it gets tired and wanders away, raise it up again and enclose the mind in the word of the Prayer. It is paradoxically quite free of effort. When a man's intellect is constantly with God, his desire is transformed into divine love of God thus drawing it entirely away from worldly this to the divine.

Strange as it may seem, the 'closet' or cell of the one who prays is his or her own body, in which we through prayer gather in again and re-integrate all the scattered bits of the soul; scattered and fragmented by sin. The soul is molded by the actions of the body. And at the same time, nobody is a saint who has not made holy the body.

In stillness of prayer we very gently listen to what God speaks within us, for He speaks peace to His people, to His holy ones, to those who turn their heart back to Him. In daily living we incarnate the secret gift of grace spoken within us in silent prayer beyond thought, perception, matter and form. God became human, so that humanity might become deified. This is the dignity to which prayer calls us.

There are many more pages, beautiful images, words of holy men and women for you to see. Explore, enjoy, take your time. But my dear friend most importantly take this opportunity to pray. You will never regret doing so. By bringing God into your life you make the greatest decision of your existence that will have the greatest ramifications, for you, for your loved ones, for all you do and are!

Much more to see, to think about, and to pray..come.. see more.. refresh yourself in His Love

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