My Story
 Hello, my name is Sonja L. Robison.  I would like to take a few minutes of your time
and tell you a little bit about myself.  Well, to begin with, I was born to a preacher and
his wife in Montana.  My father is a church planter.  You may be wondering what
exactly that is?  Well, my father would start a church and stay there until it was organized
enough that he could move on and start another one.  My mother?  She plays the piano.
  Well, when I was 11 months old, we moved
back to Texas.  That is where my family was originally from.  My dad worked in two churches
there and started another one.  My father worked for an oil company there.  When I was
nine years old, they told my father he could either pick up his next check in Chalmette, LA.,
or he could find another job.  So, we moved to Slidell, LA., in 1984.  This is when I began
to experience how starting a church and being really involved in the Lord was.  My dad
had some people come to him and they wanted to start a church.  So, we starting having
church in our house, because we didn't have a building.  I will never forget Saturday's of
cleaning and polishing EVERYTHING.  Our bedrooms, were used as Sunday school rooms.
Our livingroom, was converted into an auditorium.  It was amazing.  I remember one Sunday,
our hen had chicks and my mother had them in a box on the dining room table.  We could
hardly hear the preaching over their chirping!  When that church got a building and it became
organized, my family moved to Picayune, Mississippi.  This is where we reside today.
My father started a church in Nicholson, MS just a few minutes from my house.  You never
really experience how much Satan tries and tempts you until you become a Christian, and
you try to do the Lord's work.  In November of 1994, I became a Christian.  I had
gotten saved when I was seven years old, but I later realized the reason I did, was
because one of my friends had.  I will be glad to tell you how much I love Jesus.  People ask
me how I have such strong faith, you can feel his love.  Whenever I think of the sacrifice he
made for a sinner like me I get goose bumps.  I feel like God has a path for me to follow, I
haven't exactly found it yet, but I know when he wants me to find it, he'll send me a map.
God has blessed me with many things in my life.  Thank you for reading this.
If you would like for me to type up your story and add it to this site, please feel free to
e-mail me.  God Bless You All.
Sonja L. Robison
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