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Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives
The Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives (SBHLA) is a research center for the study of Baptist history and life. Operated by the Council of Seminary Presidents, the research center is located on the fourth floor of the Southern Baptist Convention Building at 901 Commerce Street in Nashville, Tennessee.  Histories, biographies, many interesting articles.
My name is Peter Lind. I am the great grandson of Horatio and Anna Spafford and I am contacting you
regarding your Spafford site ("It is Well With My Soul").
Our American site address is  The Spafford Children's Center in the Old City of
Jerusalem is a Christian medical and educational facility that treats over 40,000 children a year and, to my
knowledge, is the oldest and one of the few remaining Christian charities still operating in Jerusalem. It was
founded by Horatio's daughter, Bertha Spafford Vester. It is a marvelous  place to visit as it built on the
highest part of the old city wall and overlooks the whole city of Jerusalem, plus it is a living example of
Christianity at work.
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Tired of Lycos, Yahoo!, or Infoseek as your homepage and search engines?  Try
Christian searches, e-mail, news, music, chat and more.  You can personalize a page and set it up for your homepage!  Includes safe searches.  You don't have to worry about your children coming across pornography when they use the search engine.  Wonderful site.
Calvary Chapel Monterey Bay.  Ministries of all kinds.  Something for all ages.  Children will love BEANTOWN!.  It has stories, activities, games and music, plus much more.
This site has different Bibles available.  The best site I've seen for ordering a Bible.  Also, if you would like to donate money to help in the cyber mission, read the wonderful details this site gives.  Also has an online book store.

The BibleGateway
A searchable online Bible in over 100 versions. Search the Bible in English, German, Swedish, Latin, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Tagalog and Norwegian.
This site helps you get through addictions.  It has the steps for a twelve step program.  Also, it has
e-mail address of other Christians that have completed the programs and are there to offer you support and understanding.  Chat and e-mail groups.


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