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Semail Ophiolite /(Oman) Geotourism

SEMAIL OPHIOLITE GEOTOURISM offers a great selection of value for money excursions, cruises and package holidays in Oman's most popular geologic destinations.

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Even though there are numerous locations in Oman which have acquired international importance because of its unique geology we have listed only a few of them. These are:

1. Scattered small hills of fossiliferous sandstone and carbonate sandstone of Early Permian age (Saiwan Formation)

2. Long dissected hills where the Gharif and Khuff formations are well exposed-small clayey outcrops containing very rich paleoflora of Permian age (Haushi area)

3. Biostrome (lithosoms) of campanian rudists (Samhan Formation), along a cliff (Saiwan sheet)

4. Pillow lavas with depositional cover of second fossiliferous limestone of middle Permian age-Rostaq area

5. Eclogite outcrops north and west of As Sifah-Saih Hatat window

6. Hectometric sheath folds in the wadi Mayh Gorges-Saih Hatat window

7. Inverted Permian unconformity in the Wadi Adai- saih Hatat window

8. V1 - Geotimes pillow lavas in Wadi Al -Jizzi

9. Wadi Hajar, Madha, Oman Enclave in UAE contains unique High Temp .metamorphic granulite rocks

10. Rudist mountain north of Huqf is a world class Plaeo site

11. Striated Carboniferous glacial pavement- Al Khalata area

12. Jebel Misht, East of Ibri- This mountain is the largest vertical cliff in the Oman mountains.

13. Bandar Jissah and Bandar Khayran -both are unique coastal geomorphology of drowned coastlines, close to the capital Muscat

14. Musandam Pininsula-truly magnificent area in the far north of Oman displaying high mountains, deep wadis, and a special unique drowned fjord-type coastline.

15. Majlis al Jinn cave, in the southeastern Oman mountains, the second largest cave in the world. New Page 1

Geotourism representatives are available to discuss your requirements on any type of field excursion. For further information contact Qusai AL-Amri.


Click for more Infromation: OPHIOLITE GEOTURISM