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Instructor: Professor Sobhi Nasir


topics to be covered:


Geochemical classification of the elements;element abundances in the lithosphere and hydrosphere
Chemical equilibria; acids and bases, Solubility of solids; activities; carbonate equilibria;
K-feldspar-kaolinite reactions, Thermodynamics, mineral stability diagrams; clay minerals
Oxidation-reduction reactions and Eh-pH diagrams,Isotope fractionation,Applications of geochemistry; consequences of weathering; 
composition of surface waters; geochemical modeling; selected areas of interest



Part I. The Geochemical Toolbox

Week 1: Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

Week 2: Thermodynamics of Solutions

Week 3: Equilibrium Constant, Oxidation and Reduction, Solid Solutions

Week 4: Phase Diagrams, Geothermometry, Reaction Kinetics

Week 5: Diffusion, Surface Reactions, Diagenesis

Week 6: Aquatic Chemistry: Acid-Base Reactions, Complexation

Week 7: Aquatic Chemistry: Precipitation and Dissolution, Adsorption

Week 8: Trace Element Geochemistry

Week 9: Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry

Week 10: Stable Isotope Geochemistry

Part II. Understanding the Earth

Week 11: Chemical Clues to Genesis: Formation of the Elements, and the Solar System

Week 12: Formation of the Earth, Composition of the Earth and its Mantle

Week 13: Evolution of The Continental Crust

Week 14: Weathering, Soils, Stream and Ocean Chemistry