Valjean Arrested & Forgiven
What Have I Done?
At The End Of The Day
I Dreamed A Dream
Lovely Ladies
Fantine's Arrest
The Runaway Cart
Who Am I?
Come To Me (Fantine's Death)
The Confrontation
Castle On A Cloud
Master Of The House
Thérnardier Waltz Of Treachery
Look Down

Little People (Removed from show in 1988, although the reprise was used)
The Robbery - Javert's Intervention
Eponine's Errand
The ABC Cafe - Red And Black
Do You Hear The People Sing?
I Saw Him Once (Removed from show in 1988)
In My Life
A Heart Full Of Love
The Attack On Rue Plumet
One Day More
At The Barricade (Upon These Stones)
On My Own
Building The Barricade
Javert's Arrival - Little People Reprise

A Little Fall Of Rain
Night Of Anguish
First Attack
Drink With Me
Bring Him Home
Dawn Of Anguish
Death Of Gavroche
The Final Battle
Dog Eats Dog
Javert's Suicide
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables
Every Day
Valjean's Confession
Wedding Chorale - Beggar's At The Feast

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