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This week's quotable quotes!! The episode I've chosen this week is...

Niles: Miss Fine, wasn't lying on my Gold Card application enough?
Fran: Niles, I told you, I was just trying to make you sound better!
Niles: By listing my occupation as 'Frasier's brother'??
Fran: Meanwhile, the guy won the Emmy, they upped your limit!
Gracie: Fran, I think you have a problem!
Fran: Oh, you're not kidding honey, look at those animals over there! They're all grabbing at the fake Gucci belts! Sweetie, work with me, work with me...(falls on floor) Help! Help! I ate shellfish and I'm allergic! Help! (to Gracie) Grab the belts!! The suedes, the suedes!!!
Gracie: Daddy, I'm worried about Fran. She's compensating for feelings of inadequecy by acting out with obsessive compulsive behaviour!
Max: Now Gracie, you spend more time in therapy than Daddy does, so once again...small words?!
Gracie: She's nuts!!
Max: Brighton, what on earth are you doing with a 'Victoria's Secret" catalogue?!
Brighton: I'm just getting the jump on some Christmas shopping...Can I have her?!?!
Voice-over: Customers, the mall will be closing in ten minutes
Fran: Oh, just one more pair of earrings!!
Salesgirl: Don't you think you've had enough?!
Fran: Just a couple of hoops for the road, lady!!!

Be sure to let me know if you have any fave episodes you'd like to be the basis for Quotable Quotes (and Trivia!)

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