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Hi - welcome to the Nanny Nest!! I hope you enjoy visiting this page as much as I do creating it! :) Firstly, I'll say that I am just a fan running this site for non-profitable enjoyment - I'm not involved with the actual creation or production of The Nanny at all (apart from watching it fanatically at every opportunity, that is!!)
Be sure to look at the dates in brackets next to each link on the main page. They'll tell you when it's been updated most recently, so you don't waste your time!
Anyway, what kind of things do you want to see?? If you're into having your say and getting your opinions noticed, then go and have a look at the NANNY NEST VOTELINE. Read this week's question, see what you think about what I'm asking, and then vote away! I really enjoy reading what people have to say, so make sure you visit the NN voteline now!! Alternately, you can visit the NANNY NEST CLICKABLE VOTELINE . If you're not into explaining yourself as much, but still want to make your vote count, this is the place to go. At one click of a button you've had your say!
Alternately, you can go to NANNY NEST TRIVIA. I have a set of questions up each week (from a particular episode) and if you know the answers (or even just one or two!), e-mail me and tell me what they are. I don't care if they're wrong, you'll still get an honourable mention!!
Whatever episode I choose to focus on for the Trivia questions will also be the episode that I focus on in NANNY NEST'S QUOTABLE QUOTES. On this page, I've put up quotes from the episode that I liked in particular. If you ever have a quote (or an episode you'd like me to focus on, for that matter), just send it along to me and I will post it up.
What else is there? Well, there is, of course, the NANNY NEST ARTICLES section. Since I am from Australia, the interviews will vary from others, so make sure you have a look. At the moment I've got six acticles up from when cast members of The Nanny came to Australia (Fran came in late '95 and Daniel came in mid '97). I haven't seen these interviews anywhere else on the web.
At the moment, I'm working very hard to get my biographies section finished, and my fiction section started! So send your submissions in for the story section! If you have any ideas at all about what else you'd like to see on my page, I'd be happy to hear them. E-mail me and let me know what you have in mind!
And of course, I've got my links sections - one concerning other great Nanny-related sites on the Net, and the other is about 'non-Nanny' sites that I still like.
So make sure to have a look around my page and find out all of this for yourself!
... and most of all, enjoy your stay at THE NANNY NEST!!

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