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Hi, and welcome to Nanny Nest Articles!! The interviews currently featured in this section are from Australian magazines and newspapers...written (in the majority) when either Fran or Daniel came out to Australia, although I am now adding some different ones. :) I have heaps of other interviews of varying content to add very soon!
PS- The pictures for these interviews are yet to be scanned...but they will be up soon, I promise!!

The Nanny's Not Kidding Around - Aus TV Week, 13/01/96
Nanny's Night at the Opera - Aus TV Week, 13/01/96
The Nanny Named Fran - Aus 'Who', 05/02/96
Daniel Davis: In service, with a smile - Aus Sunday Herald Sun, 25/05/97
Beauty Queen - Australian Smash Hits
Hey Man, Fran's Our Nan! - Australian TV Hits, Feb. '96
Noo Yawk Nanny Hits London! - Australian New Weekly, 23/6/97
**NEW!! Daniel Davis: The Butler Did It - The Lefthander Magazine, March/April '96
**NEW!! A Butler as Big as Texas - The Sydney Morning Herald