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Seymour's Underground Website Thing

Welcome to the homepage of the single most electrifying mascot in college sports today...Seymour The Eagle, mascot of the University of Southern Mississippi. Its only taken me 2 years to update our stupid page, but considering its my last year i thought it might be prudent since it wont happen again for like... 2 more years or something after this.

Seymour has earned a few honors lately. He's bee UCA mascot national championship finalist the last 3 years running, additionally Seymour was one of 12 mascots selected for Capital one's all american mascot team. Some of the other 12 were Big Al from Bama, Smokey from TN, Otto from Syracuse, Sebastian from Miami, the Nittany Lion from Penn state and Buzz from Georgia Tech. Seymour has some pretty serious stuff in store for the world this year, people may love or hate it, but they wont be able to ignore it...Make sure to get to the games and PEP RALLIES to stay in the know.

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