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Auto racing in California, especially in San Jose, can not be talked about without
  histories most legendary name, Marshall Sargent . upon entering the motor sports
  hall of fame in 1996, He accomplished more in auto racing than most can comprehend.
  In his career that spanned from 1949 thru 1969, he won over 500 feature events along
  with numerous state and track championships.
  Marshall was also one of the first Americans to venture overseas to Australia to compete.
  He won several features and championships there also.
  His talent was then passed on to his son, Mike Sargent. Mike competed from 1968 to 1990,
  compiling over 200 feature wins with numerous state and local championships. Mike also
  became an innovator by opting to build his own design chassis. Several other teams have
  chosen to drive Sargent Chassis over other brands due to their winning record. Mike's brother
  Mark too has compiled several wins in his racing career. Other family members who have been
  behind the racing wheel include Mike and Marks younger brother, the late Mitchell Sargent,
  Mike's sons Marshall II and Kirk, and Mitchell's son Matt who is currently racing 360's.



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