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This page is my way of saying thanks to Samm Bogues. If it weren't for Sammi, my Behind the Groove/Teena Marie site would still be a white space with spinning "under construction" signs on it. She is a major Lady Tee fan and collector who has contributed vast amounts of her Teena archives for me to use (and for you to enjoy) on the site. Samm is the first one who answered my call for help when I was first getting the BTG pages together. And not only that, but she is also a talented artist living in Boston. I later learned that one of Samm's ultimate creations -- a pants suit with her custom illustrations of Teena on it -- was bought by Teena right off of her back at a concert. The outfit was later "immortalized" on paper when a writer doing an article on Teena for Vibe magazine decided to comment on it. Chuck Eddy wrote, "She wore sunglasses, boots, and a jacket and pants with colorful pictures of herself all over them: images of Teena as a blond, as a redhead, one on the back with Rick James . . .. Her right pants cheek has MAYBE THAT WILL EXPRESS JUST WHAT I'VE BEEN GOING THROUGH written on it."
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On this special page, I have featured some of Sammi's work, plus photos of her infamous Teena suit (including a few shots with Teena performing in the suit). Just click the starry buttons to the left. If you have spent only 5 minutes on the BTG site, then you have probably already benefitted from Sammi's kindness. So if you like what you see here, be sure to email her. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.     --melissa, Webmistress: Behind the Groove, the Unofficial Teena Marie Page
Visit Sammi's Lady Capricorn Designs.
Thanks, Sammuelle. You are a true Starchild
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