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the place for ponting fans!

hi and welcome to the new improved ponting shrine! this is the beginning of major renovations of this site, hopefully all for the better :) please drop me a line and tell me your honest opinons as to whether you like this new version or the old one better :) and if you don't like this one i'll send my men around, so you'd better like it! *lol* nah seriously, all imput is gratefully received!

ricky ponting is one of the greatest cricketers australia has seen in a long time. he's arguably the best fielder in the world as well as one of this nation's top batsmen and although he seldom bowls, he can and will take a handy few wickets when given the chance. apart from all that, ricky is quite popular amongst the ladies, being not at all harsh on the eyes.

people have accused me and other female cricket fans of only following the sport because of the numerous sexy players, but this is where they're wrong. i've enjoyed cricket ever since i was a kid, there's nothing quite like the sound of leather on willow on a hot summers day...

anyway, that's enough from me, i'll leave you to check out the rest of the site :) peace!

the ponting galleries
stats etc, courtesy of cricketline

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