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Ideas are experience. This is why ideas are, for a time, the only meaningful mode of exchange. We seem to find ourselves in separate forms of bodies, spaces and conditions. However if creation is eternal with One Loving God we must be mistaken. Why would an all Loving Creator Will that there be separation into forms that seem to be forced to hold it all together through disease and old age, with the inevitable outcome being death?

If indeed we really are these separate forms, we cannot be (As every Scripture purports,) "In the likeness of God". God, we are told, is eternal yet we seem to die. Isn't there a disparity here? So, being desperate to emulate our Creator we constantly attempt to project our ideas into the mind of the perceived other, be it another body, another condition, another bank account...

Even in total isolation the idea of the other is never totally forgotten. If it were, we would have no need to support the obviously false idea of a separate self. Your identity would have no purpose. Surely then, it would simply disappear into God.

You are a mind within the Mind of God. You are rigidly holding yourself in the impossible situation of separation and so you continue to suffer, time without end. God is all loving and so He will never interfere with your Will which if you but knew it, He shares with you. He knows you are dreaming and if you will read this message through to its very reasonable conclusion, you will find that there is always, in every dreamer a way to awaken.

Suffering is the inevitable result of seeing yourself as prey to a separated or private self. You have cast yourself, in your dream, as the victim. And seeing thus must have an effect outside you. If you are already in the Mind of God, nothing can be outside you. You took it upon yourself to play the victim role in your dream of guilt. While ever you believe yourself to be the guilty cause of what you see, you must suffer the insane effects of your seeing. What else can you do? You have condemned yourself, for you have totally forgotten what you are.

You have obliterated from your mind any sense of your reality.

In reality, you, as a separate self, do not exist for reality is wholly intact. God is the singular cause of you and as His perfect creation you have existence in everything. God is everything. As part of everything, you can only extend your own totally perfect reflection, if you could you but see YOURSELF.

You who are seeking reality outside yourself do not understand what it is at all and you never will understand it from your private reference point. You do not even realise that, understanding is not necessary, only ACCEPTANCE is...

YOU have decided that YOU are separate, YOU have decided that YOU are the cause of your little life, YOU have made the tiny nonexistent world of perception and so within the limits of your perceptual mind, you have split off from everything you say you love but really hate and you suffer in steadfast surety that you are right at least most of the time.

You are wrong while ever there is a time and place in which to build your own ideas and make them take form to prove to yourselves that you are right even some of the time. You are the tolerance of fear, nothing more. Since fear does not exist in reality, your existence is questionable.

You may say, "But wait a minute, I don't understand". "How did I do this in the first place, if indeed you are right, you too must be doing the same thing mustn't you?". No matter what your question is, it can only further separate you. You know exactly who I am and why I am here, because it was you who were the one who finally said. "Enough, I am tired of this game, I want peace, I just want to go home now". You have been answered. Your call has been heard. Though you still persist in seeing yourself as separate, somewhere in your mind you are also hearing the answer.

The Light has come.

"Well, what can I do to heal this ugly situation I find myself in". Nothing. There is nothing you can do because in reality you are not here. While this dream lasts though, you will try method, you will read books, and you will seek answers, none of which will work until you make the next obvious step and change your mind about what you think is going on here.

How will this change of mind come about? The answer is implied in the question; you will ask. When you get truly tired of hurting yourself you will ask God for help. How do I know this? Because like you, I was once helpless under the weight of my own ego and after trying to fix my life by every self help method, spiritual practice, Guru, Master, Blah Blah Blah. I gave up, I attacked God head on and demanded that He demonstrate His existence. And He did.

The change of mind required will not take form or enter into the madness you have made, but it will show you the WAY OUT. You are free to decide the when and the where but you are not free to decide what reality is, for reality can only dawn on the separated mind, of itself. You are of reality. You are a Creation of Reality and so it must be that Reality, being your Cause is also your salvation.

If you have followed me thus far you are beginning to realise that you are totally defenceless in the face of reality. How could you be anything else? Reality created you, you did not create yourself and you chose to turn your back on it. This wiped your "hard drive" and in the total emptiness of the situation in which you found yourself, you had no choice but to project illusion. You made the whole thing up because you were afraid of the dark!

You are never alone, but you have decided that you are. You have projected images in the likeness of what you think you are onto illusions' dark screen. You interact with these images as though they are real. You decide what you want and you receive exactly as you have asked. Then you say, "But I didn't want that war", or "I haven't asked to be in debt up to my eyeballs", or even "I would not will myself to be ill, or crippled" and on and on it goes. You deny everything by putting the blame somewhere else outside you. Even though this makes you no happier it appears to relieve your little guilt trips a while and so the suffering seems less.

"Almost manageable" has become your definition of life.

Suffering is suffering. Only you can be the cause of it. This is where things get really funny because if you are here with me, you want to get out. You are going to look at your suffering very closely now, or tomorrow or in a hundred years from now and you are going to see that you are entirely responsible for it. Funnier still you are going to get to know GOD, because you will challenge you self-made god of suffering.

"'God' you shriek, 'God', even if there was a God, which I'm sure there isn't, He's the bastard who got me into this! After all, He is supposed to be the Creator isn't He?". Indeed He is and yes He is the bastard who got you into this because He gave you total freedom of Will. His gift of free will simply opened all possible doors. YOU chose the one marked 'Earth'!

That you took GOD'S Will and turned it upon yourself is your problem and as you come kicking and screaming back to the realisation of what you have done, you will come to realise how completely grateful to Him you are. For in His mind you have never left. You ARE in His Grace, but for your own denial of the knowing. But He has not left you comfortless.

Now it gets even funnier, because now it is apparent that you decided you could do the impossible and believed that you had accomplished it. God gave you a Comforter...yes you hate even the sound of the words but they are the name of the only one who can show you the way out, they are, HOLY SPIRIT. Follow that with the word "HELP" and the answer will come.

Remember YOU are the one who blew it, YOU chose to drift off into the twilight zone and make up this horror story. YOU are the one who seems to be lost in the oblivion of your own suffering.

OWN IT. The blame game has definitely not worked and you know it or you wouldn't be mooching around here, seeking yet another way out.

You will come to the point where you recognise that you are the problem and no solution that you make up will ever work. You have tried them all. This is an untenable perceptual assumption, a bloody nightmare. You can not find a solution to your misery because you are your misery but you know this already, don't you?

You have done well. You have completed your part and you are here NOW. All your seeking (Though in itself, purposeless) has brought you to the very end of time. So now you find yourself right where you wanted to be. Now you are here you find that there is absolutely nothing you can do but ask the Great Comforter for help in this place of total uncertainty and seperation.

All your disbelief, all your uncertainty, all your petty grievances, are simply manifestations of a mind in denial of its source. Where, then, do you believe you will find the help you ask for?

That which you call your existence is already over. You are the resistance to the knowledge of, WHO you really are, have always been and will be forever.

You are here, again, in the place you have visited so many times before only to turn and run back into your nightmares. Will you run now or will you choose a new outcome?




Miraculously everything is given, as above so below.

I do not know how or why I have been given the opportunity to spend time in America at the Endeavor Academy of A Course In Miracles in Wisconsin.

If I am able to go online from the Academy you can be sure that I will and there are links here below that will lead you to the Academy.

Both the Endeavor Academy in Australia and in Wisconsin USA are available to you to experience the transformation of your mind in Love, gentleness, and a supportive healing environment.

All that is required of you is that you turn up in your singular purpose. Your goal to transform above all else, your own mind from the fearfull self immage in which you now find yourself to the state of unconditional surrender to God.

Your willingness...

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