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                    SARGENT FAMILY HISTORY
George Eliel Sargent's books

This list of 70 titles by G E Sargent (1809-1883) has been compiled from the British Library catalogue, books from my collection and booksellers on the Internet. Most of the books were published by the Religious Tract Society (RTS) in London.

By Marion Sargent

Alice Barlow’s trust; or, Principle in everything. A country village story.
An old sailor’s story.
Arnold Leslie; or, A working man’s life and experience.
Basil Marsden; or, Struggles in life.
Bedfordshire tinker; or, The history of John Bunyan, etc.
Boughton Grange, and some passages in the history of its owner.
Boys will be boys.
Captain Cook, his life and voyages.
Charles Hamilton; or, Better rub than rust.
The chronicles of an old manor house.
The crooked sixpence.
Domestic happiness.
Down in a mine; or, Buried Alive.
Edgerton Roscoe: A story for the high-spirited.
The English peasant girl.
Ethel Ripon; or, Beware of idle words.
Frank Layton: An Australian story.
Frank Layton: Eene Australische geschiedenis. [in Dutch]
The Franklins; or The story of a convict.
George Burley: His history, experiences, and observations.
Gilbert Gresham: An autobiography.
Gilbert Gresham’s story. A book for young men.
The Grafton family, and other tales.
Harry the sailor-boy.
Harry the whaler: A tale.
Harry’s whaling adventures.
Havering Hall.
The heathen world.
Home education. With two chapters on politeness and good breeding.
Hurlock Chase; or, Among the Sussex ironworks.
Hurlock Chase; or, The fortunes of Harry Rivers.
The Jamaica missionary, a life of William Knibb.
John Tincroft, Bachelor and Benedict; or, Without intending it.
Langdon Manor: scenes and sketches in the family history of a family Bible.
The leprosy cured.
Little George’s first journey.
Lucy the light-bearer.
Mackerel Will.
The Marsdens; or , Struggles in life.
Missing the scholarship: A tale. Sunday School Union,
Mists and shadows.
Moralities for home.
My scarlet shawl; or “Out of debt, out of danger.”
Nails driven home; or, Mr Gresham’s wayside lectures.
Nobody’s own.
Our boys: What shall we do with them?
Our ten weeks’ strike. Partridge,
The Oxford Methodist: or, The early life of John Wesley.
The philanthropist of the world: A life of John Howard.
Philip Gainsford’s profit and loss.
The poor clerk and his crooked sixpence.
Richard Hunne: A story of old London.
Sketches of the Crusades.
The Spensers; or, The chronicles of a country hamlet.
Stories of old England.
The story of a child’s companion.
The story of a city Arab.
The story of a pocket Bible.
The story of Charles Ogilvie.
Sunday evenings at Northcourt.
These forty years: And other sketches and narratives.
The turning point, a book for thinking boys and girls.
Two New Year’s Days, and other narratives and sketches.
Vivian and his friends; or, Two hundred years ago.
The weed with an ill name.
Willy and Lucy.
A white slave: A life of John Newton. Written for young children.
Within sea walls; or, How to keep the Faith.
Without intending it; or, John Tincroft, Bachelor and Benedict.
The wrong turning, and other sketches.
The young Cumbrian, and other stories of schoolboys.

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