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New for 2000!!!Model Cars by Larry--Updated 3-11-2000!!!

My Favorite Hobbies

Hi! Welcome once again to my model car page. If you like building models then you're in the right place. I have been building cars ever since I can remember. I prefer NHRA, NASCAR, and Corvette models. But I do have alot of other kinds as well. In my current collection of 153 cars I have: 32 Corettes, 8 dragsters, 11 funny cars, 3 prostocks, 33 Winston Cup, and 13 Camaros/Trans Ams. The rest of what I have is just muscle cars and other assorted old cars. I also have 77 1:64 scale die cast NASCAR that I've been saving. I am a big Dale Earnhardt fan so I try to get all his cars. So far I have several of his cars, but I"m still looking for more. I would like to get his pink 56 Ford Victoria and the blue/ yellow 75? Dodge-can anyone help me out on these? If anyone has pictures of him or his cars please email me a copy. I will be more than happy to give thanks here on this page. I modified his Bass Pro car, here is what I did. I installed roof flaps, ignition boxes, gas filler neck w/overflow tube, radio antennea, window net, distributor, fuel lines, oil lines, valve coverbolts, hose ends, battery cables, etched grilles, etched spoiler, brake duct work and etched roll cage gussets. I guess that I better run for now, please look around and enjoy yourself. If you have any questions just send an email for details or answers. Please check out my favorite links at the bottom of the page and sign the guestbook too. Thanks!!!

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