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Southwest Items

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These items are all shaped by hand,(no molds) and handpainted.

Southwest Pots Set- Set of two handpainted clay pots, size is under 1/2" high. I put a penny in the picture so you could judge size.

southwest pots
Click on picture for larger view!

Southwest Skull Mirror- Southwest mirror is white with clay colored pottery, and a light pink tint on the hanging scarf. Size is around 1 3/4". I have 1 only.

southwest mirror
Click on picture for larger view!

Southwest Pottery Mirror- This southwest scene is on an oval mirror. The frame is a clay color and has 2 tan colored pots with cactus. The hanging scarf is turquoise with white fringe .

Cactus Pots Mirror
Click on picture for larger view!

Skull Wallhanging- Skull wallhanging looks nice in a Southwest scene. This is the second one I made and is very similar to the first one. Scarf is just a little longer.

skull wallhanging
Click on picture for larger view!

Click here for Chili Pepper Cookie Jar

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