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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"   ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Here are some dollhouses and roomboxes that I have done for myself and my family. And My husband John helped too. Just click on pictures for larger view.



Visit my 3 Tips & Pics pages.

This first one is a Nursery Room we made for a Daughter in-law for her first baby.It's made from Foam Core, and everything is hand made. I had lot's of fun making it, even if the Foam Core was a little tricky at times. It did make it light as a feather.

This is the back of the one below that we made for another Daughter in-law. This is also made from Foam Core. I covered it with wallpaper that looked like gift wrap, and added a bow.




Here is the view from the front and as you can see we had little boys. When you make a box from Foam Core you can make it any size you want. I have plexiglas on the front to keep it clean.

This one is the "Buttercup", and I think alot of you know this one. It was made for a Granddaughter. I would like to make another one into a Gift Shop. Ms Mini Gift Shop of course.

Another Granddaughter received this one at Christmas one year. This is the "Newberg". I snapped the picture too quick, steps are missing.

We made this one for my Daughter. I need help in remembering the name on this one too.I snapped the picture in this one also before the steps were added.I must have been in a hurry to take the pictures.

This is the inside view of the house above. As you can see I made each floor one room. They just don't make the rooms big enough for me.

The "General Store" was the easiest for us to do.Everybody likes the "General Store", especially the Grandchildren.

This is an inside, overhead view of the "General Store".




See pictures of my Blue Nursery roombox, half inch scale, or my Pink Nursery rombox, half inch scale.

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