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And other garden items

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Dollhouse Flower Trellis in Pail & Shovel- Pretty pink flowers in a pail with a green trellis and butterfly. Overall size is around 3" high. Also is a cute 2"1/2 shovel that says DIG IN.

Trellis Pot & Shovel
Click on picture for larger view!

Oval Duck Pond #A- Mamma duck with her 2 little babies on an oval pond. Has a cute fish and a little snail. Ducks are plastic. Stones, snail and fish are air dry clay and handpainted. Pond water is Gallery Glass. Oval mirror size is 1 3/8" X 2".

oval pond
Click on picture for larger view!

Oval Duck Pond #B- Oval duck pond with 3 cute ducks, a goldfish sticking his head out of the water and a snail crawling up the rock. Ducks are plastic, rocks and moss are painted air dry clay, water is Gallery Glass. Built around a 1 3/8 x 2 inch mirror.

Oval Duck Pond #B
Click on picture for larger view!

Window Box- Window box with nice decoupage boat and port scene picture on front. Stained a grey wash with tan moulding. Pink and white flowers.
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Side View of window box!

window box
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