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More Tips and Pics Two

3.Accessories A
4.Accessories B
5.Vanity Set
Candle and Holder
6.Candle & Holder
window candle
7.Window Candle
candle holders
8.Candle Holders
cake cover
9.Cake Cover

1.The Lamps were made from wooden dowels painted black with silver beads. The shades are those little milk containers when you buy coffee, with ribbon around it. The flat piece on the bottom of the floor lamp is a silver concho.

2.The plants were made with a leaf from a regular size silk plant cut to shape. I made the square planter from balsa wood, and the round planter is from a water bottle cap.

3.In the Accessories A pic the Decanter Bottles were made from beads and jewelry finds.
The Candle Holders were beads and the spiral candles were from my sons bass string guitar.
The Desk Lamp was a bead for the base with a dowel painted gold. The shade was from the plastic packaging from something I bought. I think it was batteries or something like that. I cut it out and painted the inside green. Hang a little chain for the light pull.

4.On the fireplace in Accessories B the Ship is a costume jewelry brooch.

5.On the vanity is a brush and mirror Vanity Set made from two earrings with fancy braid for handles.

6.This candle and holder is a wooden knob painted, with a piece of thread for a wick. Click here for what unfinished knob looked like.

7.To make a candle like the kind you have in a window, you need a straight pin, a clear bead that resembles a bulb, a jewelry finding for base, and a 1/2 inch piece cut from a Q-tip. Glue them all onto the straight pin and presto ...a candle. I know it doesn't light but it looks so nice on a window sill.

8.Make candle holders out of the old screw type earrings. The candles are from a votive candle wick you pull out and shape into a point. Real looking candles.

9.The cake cover top is from a chocolate syrup cap with one of my findings from my findings page to look like a knob. The plate is from inside a soda or water bottle cap. It really looks good on a counter in your mini kitchen. Click here for another pic.

10.Jewelry Box
small box
14.Small Box-Sewing Box
15.Needlepoint Pillow

10.A button, bead and round plastic cap from a water bottle, covered in fancy braid becomes a round Jewelry Box on the dresser.

11.The Candle Holder and Candy Dishes on the table are made from beads and a button.

12.Another of my yard sale finds was a pill container which I made into a Footstool. I covered it with felt and added some lace.

13.The little Dress is made from a piece of lace sewn or glued together with an embroidery flower.

14.The small box is from a Mentadent Toothpaste sample. I cut it off with my mitre saw. The items you could make out of the little box are endless. A jewelry box, sea chest, toy box sewing box etc. Click here for picture of unfinished cutoff.

15.The needlepoint pillow is a brooch I found at a yard sale or flea market with a felt back and lace around it.

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