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David Carpenter

Author of: The Lords of Ilkley Manor - The Road to Ruin

The Middelton Family of Stockeld Park (1763-1947)

David Carpenter David Carpenter now lives in Oxford, but lived in Yorkshire for many years and was educated at Ilkley and Otley Grammar schools. After studying mathematics at Christ's College Cambridge he started a career in the computer industry. David is happy to report that he has forgotten all the mathematics he learnt at university (which wasn't very much) and most of the maths he learnt at school....

He has been researching the history of Ilkley and the Middelton family since his schooldays.

He has recently left his job in account management and looking at options for his next project.

Works published to date are:

Also in progress, or rather not in progress but may be started again when time permits, are a history of the Middelton family between the twelfth century and 1763, and an edition of the Cartulary of St Peter's or St Leonard's hospital in York.

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