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Welcome to the Medicalc Homepage :-)



Medicalc is a medical calculator for Windows and PalmPilot.

Features of Medicalc

- body mass index, estimated and mesured creatinine clearance,
- body surface area*, alveol-arterial gradient, estimated fetal weight* and age&,
- sodium excreted fraction, anion gap, corrected QT interval*
- corrected plasma sodium& and a blood count converter&
& = not on the windows version

Screenshots PalmPilot  /  Windows version

Warranty and Downloading

Every effort has been given to ensure accuracy.
However no liability or warranty for errors or ommissions exists,
expressed or implied. Medicalc should under no condition be a substitute
to clinical judgement. By using Medicalc you accept the listed conditions.


download Medicalc v1.9 for Windows


download Medicalc v2.0 for PalmPilot

Install Medicalc on Windows

Download the program from this site to your computer,
And launch medicalc.exe

Install Medicalc on PalmPilot

Download the program from this site to your computer,
unzip it and install medicalc.prc onto your palmpilot using the PalmPilot Installer.
You should also install mathlib.prc if you plan to use the formula
marked with an asterix. ( see above )
Mathlib is a free shared mathematical library.


Medicalc is now a freeware program.
Since it was shareware until 16.11.2000
there still is a registration code on both versions.
To unlock both programs proceed as follows :
1. use the palmpilot version
2. go in the register menu
3. type under name: 'Mont Blanc 4807 m'
without the brackets exactly as written here
4. press the register button
5. you entered supervisor mode with the top line
showing the registration code
6. now put your name under name and put any code
7. press the register button again
8. look for the reg code on 1st line and copy it
on the reg code line
9. you just registered and for free :-)


Medicalc is no longer maintained up to date.
here's my email:


My name is David Monbaron and I study medicine in Lausanne Switzerland.

My Greetings go to...

Olivier my brother, without him my computer would never be working proprely :-)
my friends Tassilo, Thomas, Yann, Juan, Nicolas, Patrick and all the others...
my parents, without them Medicalc wouldn't exist !
and last but not least my dog Eva ;-)


The PalmPilot version was created using Win32 GCC 0.5.0 PalmPilot SDK
and VFDIDE, an Integrated Development Environment for the palmpilot.
The Windows version was designed around Borland C++ 4.0


download Medicalc v2.0 for PalmPilot Source code

This source code will only work using VFDIDE, so first you must install VFDIDE on your computer.


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last updated on 11th November 2000.