Mavis Hee
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Mavis Hee

Updated Wednesday , November 12 , 1997

Mavis Hee is a Singaporean singer and also known as "Faye Wong of Singapore" . This page was created for people outside Asia to find out more about her . Please hang around this site and if you have any suggestions or comments about this site , please feel free to drop me a mail by clicking my name below .
    Did you know .....

  • Mavis won the "Miss Photogenic" , "Miss Friendship" , was the second runner-up in the "Miss CTC" , all in the 1992 edition of the Miss Singapore Pageant .
  • Mavis was discovered in the "Sun Gao Yao Record Company / Shenjiayou Record Company 1992 Talent Search" .
  • Mavis took only 2 years to become popular . She released her first album "Knowingly" which did not have much impact on the charts , but 2 years later , after expanding to Taiwan , she finally started gaining recognition in 1996 .
  • In 1995 , Mavis was called to replace Eric Moo as the "Best National Artist Of The Year" in Singapore as Moo's national identity had been in question .
  • Mavis had won the title of "Best Singaporean Artist" at a local radio station , defeating one of their top singers , Kit Chan in 1996 .

    Special thanks to William Wong for the info .


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