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IKOY  - to accomplish something bit by bit 

IHUHO  - (syn) ibuhos; pour granular substance 

IGIB  - fetch water 

IIB  - (syn) dighay; belch 

I-INGKAT  - to go uplands 

IMPALASTO  - a local medicinal concoction composed of lemon leaves, rice,  
etc. girded around the abdominal area to alleviate stomach  

INAKAW  - variant of "ina ko"; often used for warning kids  

INGIN  - (syn) ayungin; perch 

INGLO  - (syn) ngongo; a person with a nasal deformity 

ISANG SIKAPAT  - a quarter of; 

ISDA  - refers to "kanduli" not to fish in general 

ISPUTING  - well dressed 

ISTEKANAPAN  -  taguan na barilan (stick ‘em up!) 

ISTILMATING  - WWII surplus steel 

ISTALAPATA  - barefoot 

ISTINGGILDI  - a fancy style of ar-ranging the hair; coiffeur 

IWANG  - native toilet paper 

ISLI  - flirt 

IYILO  - (syn) yelo; ice 


KABAB-AN  - plantation acreage 

KABAKAB  - (slang for KABATO - courting the same lady 

KABISOTE   - (syn) ganit; (n)bird 

KABOLULOR - wound on leg 

KABYAW  - grating papaya 

KAKANG- GATA - coconut milk  


KALAYIN  - (syn) lata; tin 

KALPI-AN  - wallet 

KALUBALIN  - guess hit as in tantsing or holen 

KAMBASTE  - a religious sect in the barrio 

KAMBUBULI - (syn) bubuli; a species of lizard 

KAMBUTA  - a variety of goby fish  

KAMPUPOT  - sampguita bud 

KAMUYA  - (syn) gulo; ruckus;  

KANAGHALA - (syn) plema; phlegm 

KANAWARI  - kunwari; in pretense 

KAON - (syn) sunro; fetch 

KAPURIT  - tiny bit 

KARA  - (syn) gaslaw; playful  

KARAG- KARAG- - motorized paragus 

KARANG-KANG - unsteady; jerky movement 

KARIBAL  - (syn) kabato; going for the same lady 

KASTOR  - a courtship by a man usually while the lady washes clothes by the riverbank  

KATITER  - wee bit of piece 

KATUWA  - (syn) pangit; not suitable; tasteless  

KATUWAAN  - having fun 

KAWAR - (syn) alambre; wire 

KAYOG  - jerky motion 

KIKO   - puppet show (name of the puppet) 

KINABOG  - (syn) binatog; boiled corn 

KINAPAL  - balled mass of rice or balled tamarind  

KIRI  - (syn) isli; flirt 

KISAPUEGO  - (syn) posporo; match 

KULANG-KULANG - refers to "no brainer" 

KULAPYAW  - shawl 

KULATAY  - fence made from bamboo  

KULAYLAY  - lose un-even dress/clothes 

KULINTAB  - dark brown shiny complexion 

KULTO PINIS - after hitting an opponent's marble, your marble rolls into a hole which ends the game. 

KULUBALIN - probably from "kung anong balingan" trying to hit either of two or several targets usually leaving it to chance. 

KUMON  - (syn) kasilyas; toilet  

KURA  - to ask or wait for with open palm 

KURAMOS  - (syn) kalmot;(n) scratch with finger-nails particularly on  

KURANGOT  - small particle 

KURAUPOS  - moocher 

KURAWNGA  - "May I have it." or "Please hand it over."  

KURKURAN  - utensil to grate coconut 

KUROL  - (syn) purol; dull 

KURUDO  - (syn) krudo; crude oil 

KUSAB  - fish's short breath 

KUSING  - one centavo 

KUSKUS  - (syn) punas; clean or swab vigorously 

KUTAKOT  - implies an action done extraordinarily 


LAHIR  - an affection on the nature or behavior of; affect the action or thought; influenced; e.g. "Nalahiran iyan ng ugaling Aleman, kaya marunong." 

LAGA  - five cents 

LAGASLAS   - sound made by the wind and dried leaves 

LAMURAY  - (syn) barya; loose change; coins 

LAMUTAK  - eat vigorously          

LANGWERTA  - small water hole by the roadside 

LANG-I  - (syn) iyakin (v) lang-ito; cry-baby 

LANGIB  - dried covering of wound 

LANUBO  - young branch of kakawate 

LANTITI  - making dirty 

LAPIROT  - squash with fingers 

LASKIT  - free ride; originated from "last seat" (free) 

LATOK   - (syn) dulang; a low dining table 

LAWO  - dried bamboo stump generally used for firewood 

LIBOG  - (syn) pustoryoso; sophisticated dresser 

LIGANSA   - maligalig; bothersome 

LINRU-AN  - hyper extend a neck 

LINTAW  - float 

LIPOT  - tawid sa bakod (go over the fence or gate)  

LUBLUBAN  - where kalabaw bathe 

LIPOS  - (syn) baha; flood 

LUPAGI  - (syn) lupaypay; physically exhausted 

LUSOK   - (syn) lulon; swallow 

LUTA/ LUTATI  - (syn) lampa; weakling 

LUTOK  - overripe; e.g. "Malutok na ang palay ay di pa inaani."