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Lolo, Boy and the Orange Trees
Written by Kuya Flor  
Illustrated by Tina
     I agree with Kuya and D.E. - Lolo was a perfectionist. Especially so when it came to our execution of the farm chores he wanted us to do. Consider this story.  

     Tio Nick's little Lanang is rectangle in shape. Lolo and I were at one end hawaning (weeding out) around the orange trees. Boy (Felino Jr.) was at the other end of the field searching for gagamba.  

     "Boy," shouted Lolo, "bilangin mo nga kung ilan ang ating tanim mula rini sa aming kinalalagyan." Lolo told Boy to count the citrus trees and to start from where we were.  

     "Huo po." Boy answered, and started counting the orange trees as he walked towards us.  

     "One hundred twenty po," Boy told Lolo (sweating and all!) "Apat po ang linya at tatlumpu ang puno." (There were four rows and thirty trees each row).  

     Lolo said, "Sabi ko sa iyong rito mo umpisahan sa aming dulo. Riyan ka pala sa kabila nag-umpisa." Lolo insisted that Boy count the trees again and this time to start from Lolo's side.  

     So Boy did! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etcetera, etcetera... The result? Same count, same total, same trees, and one tired kid!  

     The Lesson: "Always do/follow what the 'Old' tells you to do."  

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