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Our Friend Joe

Joseph Howard Batton

When someone you love becomes a memory. The memory becomes a treasure.

Joe was a very special person. He & Greg were best friends since 6th grade. I met Joe in August of 1989 when I began working at my present job. He was always funny, sarcastic, helpful and aggravating! Joe was a complex person with a heart of gold that he tried to hide.

Joe was a Registered Nurse with a special interest in Psych Nursing,and he was good at it! Just talking over a problem with Joe could clear it up in no time. His insight was amazing.

Many people don't know that Joe was almost a music teacher. He was very musically talented, winning many band awards.

Joe wasn't perfect, one of his faults was trying to do too much. Not only did he work as a staff nurse, he taught nursing students, and was going to school himself for his PhD. He already had a Masters in Nursing but wanted a PhD in Adult Education.

I guess Joe was the Last person I would have ever thought would have commited suicide. He was stretched thin with all that he had going on, but he seemed to have it all under control. Oh sure the signs were there looking back. I guess we all failed to realize Joe was human too.

But sometime on Saturday October 12, 1996 Joe saw no other way out of his pain. His coping mechanism jammed and he took his life.

You never realize how much someone means to you and how much you count on them being there. Until they are gone. Suicide survivors feel guilt like nothing you can imagine. You feel like you failed to be a friend. You gave them too many burdens and added to their pain. You didn't see it coming. The list goes on and on. I guess this page is not only to honor Joe, but to try and heal our pain & guilt.

I have made two resolutions since Joe died. First, I will always let people I love & care about know it, Often! Second, I will make every attempt to avoid suicide as a way to "fix" a problem. It hurts those you leave behind too bad.

I have included two special links. One is a page that everyone thinking about killing themselves should read first. And the second is a resource page full of links written for suicidal people and survivors left behind. It was written by a survivior. If you are thinking about doing what Joe did, PLEASE, PLEASE read them first. Then choose the choice I wish Joe had made, choose to live.

I'll always love and miss you my friend, I owe you a debt that I can never repay and I hope you know that. You saved my life and I only wish that you would have let me save Yours.

This is how I'll remember you.


January 2, 1997

It's been Six Months today...

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See Joe's Memorials on The Internet below.

Even though Joe was an adult, Suicide is a leading killer of our young people. Please support the Yellow Ribbon campaign. Check out the Link below. 

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The above site has information on suicide and crisis support in over 40 countries and 12 languages, including the most comprehensive directory of helplines on the web.

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