...and yeah, unless my count is off you're number 17. it's not something i'm proud of, and frankly yo uwon't hear me brag that much. i never hurt anyone. most of the time i was too innocent to realize that it could be wrong! (i look back and say, was that me?) and thought i may not show it i love them all dearly

each one is a part of me, i loved them each for something inside that glowed. i love people. for what they are, for what they're not. i like to see what makes them happy, i want to know what they love; their hopes, their dreams. i like to see the beauty that each one possesses that others sometimes don't see, or chose to ignore.

every life is like a delicate glass ornament. it's beautiful, it shines and shimmers; and not one is ever exactly the same as the other. and sometimes you have to look harder to see the shimmer, but it's always there. i got to hold each one in my hand for a split second but it was long enough to see the majesty. it was long enough to see that, just like a snowflake or an ornament, it would break if i held it too close because it was not mine to keep.

so i blew my handfull of snowflakes into the wind, but that doesn't mean my heart doesn't long to see that shimmer one last time, before they blend into the crowd before my eyes. i love and believe in every one of them. even the ones who don't deserve it. it's hard to ignore the beauty inside, even when you've seen the horror outside. i guess i'm just a romantic at heart, but i hope you understand that every person as an individual means the world to me. that's why i couldn't stay with them. it would have been wrong to keep something that was not mine, no matter how much they made my heart swell...