tori girl.

tonight we went to the mall to finish christmas shopping! i needed a present for lel's boyfriend reed. we were leaving, walking down the corridor by sears, when i saw this blonde haired goth looking girl! i am a total goth inside, but outside i really mostly look normal. anyways, as we drew closer, i noticed she had on a tori venus shirt! the purple one with the bliss/glory of the 80s cover on it! i smiled at her and she probably thought i was crazy. i said to sara, she's wearing a tori shirt! i got really happy after that.

it's so cool when you see ewfs because you know you have something mysterious and wonderous in common. you get to exchange a look like you're in a secret society. the weird thing is, toriphiles are all so different, that you would never know who is one and who isn't unless you see a tori shirt or a necklace.