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My Placebo Story-

My girlfriend heard "Pure Morning" on the radio. She thought that I would like it and she said "you've got to hear this friend with weed song!" Because I was living in Mississippi at the time and the radios there don't play any good music, I didn't get to hear it until I was on vacation over New Year's 1999. When I finally heard it I was intrigued by Brian's voice and wanted to know more about the band. Unfortunately of the two times I heard it, the radio stations never said who the band was!

When I returned home, I started to really want to hear the song again. I asked my sister's boyfriend Reed if he knew who sang it, because he's really into a lot different kinds of music. He said that he had heard people at school talking about the song but no one knew what it was called or who sang it. Finally it dawned on me that there are thousands of sites on the internet with lyrics! So I went to infoseek and typed in "A friend with weed is better" and clicked search. I found the lyrics to "Pure Morning" and the rest is history!

At first I found myself intoxicated with Brian. There are so many pictures of him, and he's quite beautiful. I've had a preocupation with drag queens ever since I was a child, I always loved how beautiful they were, usually more beautiful than women. My little obsession with Brian has cooled as I realized Steve & Stefan are equally beautiful and tallented, and amazingly nice people. I love Placebo both for their music and for their members, and I think that all the members are equally important, even though Brian is usually put on a pedistal. (I still think he is quite lovely though.)

About This Page

This page was created in late March of 1999. I wanted to put up my concert reviews and a few pictures I had taken at concerts. When I created a few wallpaper designs in PSP I decided to put them up as well. As is everything with me, I couldn't just have a small site, so I decided to create the FAQ. I know so much about the band from interviews, chats and articles; I also saw that there was no other FAQ on the net. So my page has gotten quite a bit larger than I had planned. I hope you enjoy it.

The wallpapers are for your personal use only, please don't put them on your page. Individual pictures (except the ones I took) are free to take, because I did not take the pictures, I hold no copyright on them, and you should be free to enjoy them. As for my art, I don't mind if you use it on your page as long as you ask me before using them, and give me credit on your page as the artist.

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