The Purple Ribbon Campaign

an internet campaign for peace

"Everything seems to be moving so fast. Tragedies seem to be moving so fast; almost before we are able to ingest one, another one happens. Information travels so fast, but i dont know if the heart adjusts that fast."
--Tori Amos (musician, singer)

This page was last updated on 3/17/00

The PRC is getting all new features!
In addition to moving to my new server ( the PRC is expanding into all new sections that deal with every kind of violence. New features will include domestic abuse, rape & sexual abuse, drunk driving, suicide, hate crimes, and gay & lesbian issues. Also we will have a section for you to share your own experiences and a survivor's section.

until we get the new site up and running you can continue to support our cause by using the pop up menu above to navigate and join the site!!

together we can get to peace

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