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9*15*99-The PRC was mentioned in The Computer Lady's newsletter. Our site was mentioned in a section on "See You At The Pole" a now international event that began in 1990. SYATP is a chance for students of all religons and denominations to join together at the flagpole of their school before the first bell, and pray for their country, their countries leaders, and any other thing on their hearts. SYATP is a great, moving event, and although it's predominatly a Christian event I encourage students of all religions to become involved. Even though I was home schooled and never attended a public high school, I participated in SYATP several times at the high school many of my friends attended.

The PRC mention includes our URL and includes part of my thoughts on our "about" page. Thanks to Elizabeth Boston (the computer lady) for the mention!

8*26*99-the campaign now has over 50 members! thanks to everyone for their continued support!

Violence news & related news stories

It saddens my heart to report a terrible incident. Wednesday 9*15*99, a man entered a Baptist church in Texas and began shooting. The predominately teenage congregation ran for cover, and 7 are reported dead. cnn's report.

CNN Fatalities at Columbine High

Mtv News Marilyn Manson Concert In Denver Cancelled

Mtv News Columbine Students Debunk "Goth" Ties To Shooters

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