well since the majority of my life is the past, it's hard to pick what to tell!! i grew up in mississippi, i was home schooled. i had a few really close friends, and i hung out with a group of cool kids. we were the "tough" kids.

my best friend for many years was erin. we met in the 4th grade during girl scouts. she remained my best friend for many years up until we were 15, and got grounded for sneaking out. we did everything together, she taught me how to smoke when i was 13, we dated older "bad" boys and snuck out together. we shared everything for a really long time and i will always cherish those memories.

my first real boyfriend was justin. we started dating in the 6th grade. mostly dating consisted of seeing each other at the skating rink and talking on the phone. after that i dated quincy for nearly 2 years. he physically abused me for a little while, but mentally abused me for most of the time we were together. he was a total asshole and looking back i don't know what i saw in him.

for a year or so around the time i was dating quincy i suffered from bullemia. i never got professional help for it, and to this day i have a really weird relationship with food. walking through the grocery store can send me into ecstasy!

the first time i realized that i was bisexual was one night when i was almost 16. i was dating chad, who remains a close friend, but i was spending the night with a good friend, nickie. we ended up kissing that night. she ended up with a lovely baby boy, and i ended up living with a woman! she seemed surprised when she found out that i was bi, which i always found odd.

my first girlfriend was kendra, she was the stepsister of another of my best friends, lisa. lisa and i became best friends almost instantly. we attended the same church and were planning a surprise going away party for jenny, a mutual friend. she gave me her # to call and have her help plan it and the rest is history. lisa and i were friends from the time i was 16 till today. we used to sit underneath a big tree near her house and eat snickers ice cream bars. we used to sneak behind a gas station to smoke.

kendra was my first girlfriend as i said above, we met through lisa. it was the first time i had really admitted to myself that i was bi. although i had that experience with nickie i was still dealing with a lot of internalized homophobia. kendra was into drugs and drinking and we had some really hard times. we never even kissed though. she moved to new mexico and we remain friends today. i still love her and i always will. i will always regret some of the things i said and did, and i will always wonder what would've become of us if we were older and wiser.

now i live in ohio with my girlfriend sara who i met on the internet.