my art.

i love art, i always have. unfortunately i'm not really that good at drawing! i am practicing in real life and getting better but still you can tell i have no real tallent for it. lots of passion, but not tallent.

that's one of the reasons i love graphic design. i can put together 20 different pictures, or just modify one, and its mine. it doesn't take the ability to draw, at least, not in the way creating something on a blank canvas does. i love all the work i have done, and i hope you enjoy it as well.

tori art


meade you'll see several references to her throughout my site. she's amazingly tallented at just about everything and i love her to death.

lindsey i love her photography and i used one of her doll photographs on several incarnations of the looking glass.

riley not only is she supernice, but she's the best photographer i've ever seen, professional or otherwise. her stuff just has an aura about it. it touches me, it intrigues me, and i'm amazingly jealous of her tallent! (in a good natured way of course!)

jonas picture 2 picture 3 those of you who know me very well know that for various reasons the placebo site the brick shithouse while being well put together and informative is not my favourite place. (loooooong story) i do occasionally pop in to keep updated on news. to make a long story short i found jonas' amazing wallpaper there. clicking on his name above will take you to my favourite picture of his. the other 2 are lovely as well.