self portrait 1997 i'm sure by now you are wondering, why did she keep the name after learning such gruesome things about it? well for one thing, i'm intrigued with the goddess lilith, and the links that the name lamia has to her.

most recently, another favourite writer of mine neil gaiman has a character named lamia in his book neverwhere. she is a velvet, which is a cold vampire-like creature who steals warmth from humans. warmth being the essence of life more than blood. lamia acts as a guide to the lead character in the book, richard mayhew, striking a bargin with him that he will be the one to repay her. later on after guiding him and his companions through "down street" she kisses him, stealing his life. she is forced by another character the marquis de carabas to give it back to richard, which she does, under protest, before stalking away. neverwhere is also avaliable as a miniseries done by the BBC, and is in development to be a major motion picture direct by neil.

lamia and lilith both are symbols of strong, independant women who are capable and do make their own decisions. they refuse to be dominated by men, and prey on the men who would control them. likewise, they take the consequences their decisions bring as only a woman can. they are symbols of "woman power", instead of the girl power that dominates pop culture today. they are role models that can be likened to television's xena.

having lamia as my name, to me, is an empowering gesture, as every time i see it i am reminded of the many strong women that i know, and who have effected me.

coming soon: a picture of the BRAND NEW! lamia tattoo that i designed and got (my very first tattoo!) on my arm 10*30*99