Lamia is an ancient Latin term that losely means "a vampire or demon that sucks blood".

lilith's priestess when i first started chatting here online, i chose the name lamia (or actually lady lamia, queen of the vampires) for my chatting name. i was inspired to do so by a series of books i read when i was younger. they were written by l.j. smith, titled night world. in these books the lamia are actually a race, of vampires who are born not "made". (making being the process used to turn a human into a vampire.) i used the name lamia as a pen name frequently when my friends and i published a 'zine called trash? so when i came online it seemed natural to chose lamia as my online persona.

it was only after I came online and began talking to other people who are interested in the occult and mythology that I began to learn about all the different meanings and references to the name lamia.

As far as "normal" references go, there is a type of beetle called lamia textor
interestingly enough, there is also a city in greece called lamia! there is a castle there which is now an archeological museum.

also, according to some pages I have come across, the band genesis sings a song called lamia.

as far as mythological and literary references go, first I discovered that a lamia is a mythical beast with the tail of a serpent, but the upper torso of a woman. many literary pieces have been writen on this kind of lamia, and they include: lamia by Clark Ashton Smith, lamia by John Keats