am i straight? am i gay?
i'm just slutty. where's my parade?
--margret cho

this is a frivilous little page where you can see/read about people who i admire.

i get "crushes" on a lot of people both celebrity and noncelebrity, real life and internet. i have this way of finding the best characteristics in a person and loving them for those. i do think someone is "hot" for about two seconds but i can't actively appreciate someone for their looks if there is nothing underneath them.

it's incredibly shallow to have any kind of infatuation with someone just because of their physical appearance. if it lasts more than 30 seconds i think we have to examine ourselves. everyone on these pages is incredibly tallented in one way or another. whether it's through music, activism, or anything else, my fascination with them goes beyond looks.

not everyone listed here is someone i could think of in a romantic/sexual way, however! the inspiration and mentor pages are just as they sound.