1/26/99-Heather's new album Candy & Dirt is due out in late March!
The track listing (according to the official site) is:

A Kid Like You
Black Lincoln Bomb
Driving Darlene
Great White Hope
Heaven On Earth
I Used To Be A Nice Girl
Nothing Is Stopping You
Some Girls
Too Tired To Be Elvis

For complete information and lyrics see the Candy & Dirt page.
To order Candy & Dirt go here.

Musicians besides Heather include:
Steuart Smith (Shawn Colvin), Dave Tronzo, Joe Bonadio,
Mike Visceglia (Suzanne Vega), and Bill Dobrow, Kevin Salem,
Lee Feldman and Mark Johnson.

Candy & Dirt is produced by Stewart Lerman (Sophie B. Hawkins,
The Roches) and is the debut release of Heather's
label "Impossible Records".